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12 Solid Reasons Why 'Apex Legends' Is Better Than 'Fortnite'

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When it comes to ranking battle royales, Apex Legends and Fortnite are usually at the top of the list. Both games have been hailed as epic multiplayer shooters. And while Fortnite has reigned supreme for years, Apex Legends has been seriously encroaching on Fortnite's territory since it dropped in 2019. While Fortnite still has a dedicated following, many fans now consider Apex to be a superior game, as it was able to refine some aspects of the battle royale formula, as well as leave out some of the extraneous elements that have traditionally been seen as weighing Fortnite down. 

But while both games have their pros and cons, you really can't help but wonder which title would come out on top in a match that pits Apex Legends vs. Fortnite. Sure, Apex may have been out a shorter time, but it already feels like a more polished, streamlined experience than the rest of its competitors in the genre, and this caused many players to leave Fortnite entirely.

Don't believe that Apex has taken over the battle royale scene? Here are 12 obvious reasons why Apex Legends is better than Fortnite.

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    'Apex' Features Better Respawn Mechanics (Though 'Fortnite' Now Does Too)

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    To be fair, the respawn mechanics in both Fortnite and Apex Legends are the same as of now. In essence, when a teammate is downed, you can retrieve something they leave behind (whether it be a banner in Apex or a card in Fortnite) and take it to a respawn station (beacon in Apex, Reboot Van in Fortnite), and your teammate will be brought back to life without any of their loot. This wouldn't otherwise be a point as to why Apex is a superior game other than the fact that they did it first.

    Fortnite essentially ripped this idea straight from their competitor in an attempt to compete as Apex gained more and more popularity, and the fact that Fortnite had to do so speaks to how strong and creative Apex's game design is.

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    'Apex' Is More Traditional, But That's Why It Works

    Traditional is a weird word to use for a video game, but we have to admit that Apex Legends is more traditional to what we normally see from FPS games compared to what Fortnite is. That's not to say that Apex isn't doing some interesting new things in that space, either, but it feels truer to what we know.

    Fortnite's biggest problem is that it's trying to do too much too often. Apex seems to understand its niche and serves that very well, while Fortnite is trying to appeal to too many people at once, making it feel muddled and unfocused.

    While Fortnite is more sporadic and features more building mechanics,  Apex is a more polished (and traditional) FPS. Sure, style over substance can work for a while, but we have a feeling that Apex is going to stick around a lot longer due to how solid its core mechanics are in comparison.

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    There Are No Crazy Vehicles To Deal With

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    At first, the vehicles were a fun addition to Fortnite to make it feel like they were switching things up, but then they hit the classic conundrum of having to constantly one-up the last thing they put out, which doesn't bode well for game design, especially in a live game. After a while, the vehicles became so fast and overpowered that they messed with the whole balance of the game.

    Novelty can be fun, especially when you've pumped hundreds if not thousands of hours into a game, but when that novelty disrupts the core gameplay in a way that makes it feel unfair and unenjoyable, that becomes a problem. Apex's use of ziplining throughout the map feels much more streamlined in this regard.

    There's no potential of falling damage, and everyone ziplines in the same fashion (aside from Pathfinder). Essentially, there's no one specific way to immediately unbalance a game in Apex like there is in Fortnite.

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    'Apex' Features Fewer Updates, And More Level Gameplay

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    Don't get us wrong, updates can be a lot of fun and breathe new life into a game that's gotten a bit stale, but Fortnite tends to overdo it a bit. It's exciting to have the buildup of a mysterious event life the Rift that first appeared in Season 5, and then have it implemented into gameplay. However, when these events happen too often, they lose what makes them intriguing.

    In addition, Fortnite always seems to be throwing in new weapons, vehicles, consumables, etc, that it can be hard to get a good sense of stability in the game when it's constantly changing so rapidly. Sometimes, less is more.

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