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12 Solid Reasons Why 'Apex Legends' Is Better Than 'Fortnite'

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    It's Easier To Communicate With Your Team

    In a game where teamwork is crucial, communication is just as important. However, when playing online, you can't always get a guarantee that your teammates will have a microphone at all, let alone communicate what they want or need effectively. That means if your duo or teammate doesn't have a mic, you're basically out of luck.

    There's no fix for a stubborn player, but Apex did implement a solution to the former issue: they introduced a ping system that doesn't require voice chat. Fortnite was lacking in this department, though they recently introduced their own system in Season 8, which some say is a direct ripoff of the system first introduced in Apex.

    Perhaps even worse, many gamers say it's not nearly as good as Apex's original implementation.

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    Characters Have Their Own Unique Set Of Abilities

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    A role-based system where each character has their own unique abilities goes all the way back to 2007 with Team Fortress 2, and was made popular more recently with Overwatch. Naturally, someone was bound to bring this element into a battle royale, and Apex did it as elegantly as ever.

    While Fortnite does allow different strategies in the game itself, the individual character that the player chooses makes no difference in that regard. In Apex, each character has their own unique set of traits and abilities to help augment your team. For instance, Bloodhound can see enemy footprints, which gives you a leg-up when you're tracking your enemy, and Crypto can use a surveillance drone to see and mark enemies up to 30 meters away.

    With Apex, building a squad is part of the challenge and strategy, in addition to what actually happens on the map. Having the right legends that play to you and your teammates' strengths can mean the difference between a win and loss, and that extra dimension of gameplay is what helps makes Apex so engaging.

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    'Apex' Has A Smarter Loot System

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    Picking up loot is a huge part of what makes a battle royale, especially when every player starts with nothing and has to build their inventory with what they can find around the map. Not only does the player have to accumulate as much gear as they can to stand a chance, but they usually have to do so incredibly quickly due to the pace of the game.

    Apex's loot system is much more convenient than Fortnite's in that not only can you see exactly what something is just by looking at it, but UI that pops up when you hover over an item will let you know if you already have something better, so you don't need to spend any time doing mental math in the middle of a firefight. Because the weapons system in Apex Legends is more complex, it helps to have everything easily laid out for you.

    Ammo and upgrades are color-coded to let you know if they match a specific weapon you're carrying, and while Fortnite color-codes its weapons, it doesn't utilize attachments.

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    Shooting Skills Are Seriously Important

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    This is another one that may come down to personal preference, but whether you like it or not, there's no denying the fact that shooting is more central to the Apex's gameplay. Fortnite's building seems to take center stage, and yet, it still feels clunky and doesn't seem to fit into a shooter (for those who don't know, this mechanic was pulled over from Fortnite's campaign mode, which didn't get nearly as much attention). 

    It's also incredibly frustrating that regardless of how good you are at shooters, you can be entirely outplayed by someone solely because they're a better builder than you. It takes skill all its own, sure, but you'd think one could get by on shooting when that's supposed to be the most fundamental mechanic.

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