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The Biggest Reasons Batman Hates Superman

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Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? The answer is obvious: the viewer. Just kidding, it’s Superman. He’s an alien with unlimited powers, after all. But the debate about who would win can wait for another time. Today we’re bringing up the many reasons Batman totally hates Superman. From his Boy Scout naïvete Boy Scout to his unchecked superpowers, there Superman has plenty of qualities that sometimes make Batman’s skin crawl.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice settles the age old question with a definitive answer: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent. They would win in a fight between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. But the examples on this list come not from the cinematic slugfest between DC's heaviest hitters so much as the Silver and Golden ages of comics. They’re just fun to discuss - who doesn’t like talking about Batman being accused of witchcraft? Going into this list, you might expect to find hundreds of examples of Batman and Superman completely hating on each other, but there are fewer than you'd think. It’s kind of cool that despite their differences, these two superheroes get along pretty well.

Still, Batman has plenty of reasons to be annoyed by Superman. Vote up the biggest reasons why you think Batman has a beef with Superman, and if we missed an example, tell us in the comments!


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    Superman Is Essentially Responsible Thousands of Deaths

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    It's unfair to blame sweet baby Kal-El for bringing Zod and the rest of his Kryptonian soldiers to Earth to terraform the planet in Man of Steel, but that's exactly what Batman is going to do. In his crazy, go-nuts, obsessive compulsive logic, Batman almost certainly believes that Superman is responsible for bringing the world engine to Earth in order to create a new Krypton and genetically engineer new Kryptonians. If Bruce would use the billionaire half of his brain, he'd realize that all the construction required to fix the destruction caused by Zod would mean JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! 
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    Wonder Woman

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    In an early 2000s JLA storyline, Batman and Wonder Woman have a ~sexy make out thing~ going on. But recently, Superman and the Double W had been hooking up so much that they have their own book together. Way to wreck the bro code Supes. 

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    Superman Is Way Too Sincere

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    It's hard to portray Superman correctly in film and television. One of the most frequent approaches basically portrays Superman as Jesus, a messianic hero sent from heaven to save the world. He's an overly sincere figure in a world that grows more cynical by the day. Batman, on the other hand, is tailor-made for our modern world. He's distrustful, bleak, sexy, and he probably eats paleo. There's not much that a cynical curmudgeon hates more than an idealist. There's no way that these two guys can get along without some basic tension.
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    Superman's Always Stepping in Piles of Magic

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    Batman rarely deals with magical supervillains, and when he does he tends to treat magic as just another technology, one that must have rules he can use to his advantage. Being the perfectionist that he is, Batman expects every other hero to treat magic the same way, so the fact that Superman is constantly being made the fool by magical villains really must grind Batman's gears. 

    In "Skeeter," Superman is almost taken down by a magical vampire because he's allergic to magic (or something like that) and Batman has to do the dirty work, impaling the vampire they've been trailing through the South. By this point in their tenuous friendship, Bats and Supes are able to work together, but it still has to be annoying to see the most powerful being on the planet get wrecked by an Anne Rice knockoff.

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