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The Biggest Reasons Batman Hates Superman

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Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? The answer is obvious: the viewer. Just kidding, it’s Superman. He’s an alien with unlimited powers, after all. But the debate about who would win can wait for another time. Today we’re bringing up the many reasons Batman totally hates Superman. From his Boy Scout naïvete Boy Scout to his unchecked superpowers, there Superman has plenty of qualities that sometimes make Batman’s skin crawl.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice settles the age old question with a definitive answer: Martha Wayne and Martha Kent. They would win in a fight between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. But the examples on this list come not from the cinematic slugfest between DC's heaviest hitters so much as the Silver and Golden ages of comics. They’re just fun to discuss - who doesn’t like talking about Batman being accused of witchcraft? Going into this list, you might expect to find hundreds of examples of Batman and Superman completely hating on each other, but there are fewer than you'd think. It’s kind of cool that despite their differences, these two superheroes get along pretty well.

Still, Batman has plenty of reasons to be annoyed by Superman. Vote up the biggest reasons why you think Batman has a beef with Superman, and if we missed an example, tell us in the comments!


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    Batman Has an Inferiority Complex

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    Bruce Wayne became the baddest dude in Gotham through sheer willpower (and a lot of money). Fueled by his childhood trauma, this mortal man trained so relentlessly that he's able to fight against and alongside the most powerful superheroes in the universe.
    Superman, meanwhile, gets all his abilities from the rays of our yellow sun. He never actually had to do anything to be Superman, he just is Superman. It's got to scratch at Batman's insecurities that no matter how hard he works, he'll always just be really fit guy with lots of cash and gadgets, while Superman never trains at all, but he'll always be an unstoppable mega-hero.
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    Because Superman Once Framed Batman as a Witch

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    This isn't the kind of thing that would happen in the super-serious world of the DC film universe, but it's worth mentioning that Superman once sold his bat obsessed compatriot out to a group of 18th century settlers. That's not the kind of thing you get over. Sure, he had an evil genie living inside of him (long story) but still, how are you going to burn your friend at the stake like that?
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    Batman Is an Atheist, While Superman Is a God

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    It's never stated what religion Bruce Wayne subscribes to, but he seems too pragmatic to have a faith in any deity. It makes sense that he would be suspicious of anyone with Clark's capabilities.

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    Superman Killed Robin (Probably)

    This is only a fan theory, but it's been widely discussed online that during Superman's fight with Zod during Man of Steel, he may have killed Robin. This Grayson headstone only adds to the online suspicion. If this rumor is true, Batman is going to be soooooo mad. 

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