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12 Things From Dragon Ball GT That Should Still Be Canon

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Dragon Ball GT, an anime-only continuation of Dragon Ball Z, is typically regarded as the worst series in the Dragon Ball universe. Franchise creator Akira Toriyama was minimally involved with the show, and the story was created specifically for the anime, since no manga version exists. 

While the series is far from perfect, there are still plenty of reasons why Dragon Ball GT is good, and frankly, it deserves a little more respect. The often overlooked anime features some creative ideas that would gel nicely with the additions made by Dragon Ball Super, even if diehard fans say otherwise.  

The Super Saiyan 4 transformation is still legitimately cool, and its nice to see Goku receive public acclaim for his heroic actions. While some of GT's additions – such as the negative consequence of excessive Dragon Ball use – might be hard to seamlessly work into the canonical story, it would be exciting to see creators cherry-pick the best ideas for future narrative arcs.

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    Since the beginning of DBZ, Goku and Vegeta's relationship has fluctuated wildly. Sometimes, they're fierce rivals, while in other arcs, they're close friends.

    Their unstable connection is what makes Gogeta, who appears when the two heroes fuse together, such a cool idea. The duo's opposing personalities merge into a single consciousness, and their fighting prowess combines to create one of the franchise's most formidable warriors. 

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    Vegeta's Relationship With His Daughter

    With his surly, standoffish attitude, it's hard to imagine Vegeta as a doting father, but he's actually really kind to his daughter, Bra. In Super and DBZ, viewers get to see how he parents a little girl, but in GT, he has to contend with a teenager.

    It's hilarious to see the proud Saiyan prince buying his little girl hundreds of dollars worth of clothes at the mall, and shaving off his mustache after she said it made him look like a geek. GT examines a new side of Vegeta's personality, and it makes his character feel more realistic and interesting.

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    The Super Saiyan 4 Transformation

    The Super Saiyan 4 transformation can only be achieved by changing into a Golden Great Ape, then maintaining conscious control of that form.

    When someone achieves Super Saiyan 4, they are utilizing their full physical and mental potential, as they're absurdly strong yet completely calm. 

    This awesome form gives characters access to great power, and also brings about some seriously attractive physical changes. Eye candy isn't the point of the series, but it sure doesn't hurt anything. 

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    Goku Is Recognized As A Hero

    Goku has repeatedly saved the planet, but for much of the Dragon Ball timeline, no one seems to know who he is, so he rarely gets the credit he deserves. In Dragon Ball GT, things finally start to change, as a statue is built in Goku's honor. While it's never specified who erected the statue, some fans speculate it was Mr. Satan.

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