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13 Reasons Why The Fallout Franchise Is Better Than Elder Scrolls

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From atop his ivory tower in the sky, a man named Todd Howard, employee and resident wizard at Bethesda Game Studios, pondered how to appease both fans of science fiction and traditional fantasy. To achieve this lofty goal, he re-imagined the Fallout series by creating Fallout 3 and 4, as well as the modern Elder Scrolls titles Oblivion and Skyrim. And on the seventh day, Todd saw all that he had made, and it was good. Until it wasn't.

Stretching back to the cavemen of yore and comic-con goers of yesteryear, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls' fans have warred with each other, thirsting for fandom dominance over their much-hated rivals. And both parties have every right to be angry: after all, not all franchises were created equal under Todd's watch. No, he'd made a grievous error: he'd left The Elder Scrolls far inferior to Fallout. This list serves to accentuate that fact by giving you the top 13 reasons the Fallout franchise utterly trounces its Bethesda brother and remains the best open-world series to date. Check out the arguments below and vote up the ones that truly explain why The Elder Scrolls is inferior. 

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    Insane Customization

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    From the scope of your gun to the layout of your settlement's HQ, everything is customizable. You pick where the furniture goes, which grip to attach to your favorite rifle, what mod to equip your power armor with. All these unparalleled choice is directly under your control.

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    There Are Original Monsters

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    In lieu of The Elder Scrolls' more traditional beasts like dragons and frost trolls, Fallout opts to employ some actual creativity and imagine its own monsters. These creatures are reminiscent of real-world animals who've spent centuries evolving in a post-nuclear world. Scaly beasts like the deathclaw or freakishly large black-bear-descended yao guai flesh out the Fallout world's unique bestiary and make it that much more interesting to explore.

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    The V.A.T.S. System Is Super Fun

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    In a mechanic that plays out like a fusion of XCOM and Max Payne, the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System enables slow-mo cinematic gunplay that allows for probability-based targeting of enemy body parts. It allows players to pick an action from several options, such as targeting the head for an insta-kill or shooting weapons out of enemy hands. Each target area has a percent-chance to hit, throwing in a nice gambling element into the mix. 

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    Classy Music

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    Need a little big band in your life? Maybe some swing jazz? Lucky for you, the music of generations' past is featured front and center in Fallout. Want to pop a few caps to the tune of "Heartaches by the Number" by Harlan Howard? Or how about "Butcher Pete" by Roy Brown? Great licensed songs like these make every moment in Fallout feel that much more era-appropriate and special - as though you're playing through a time capsule. 

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