10 Reasons Why Friends Just Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

Friends is widely considered to be one of the best sitcoms of all time. While many still laugh while revisiting the show on Netflix, viewers can't deny that Friends is dated. In fact, it just doesn't hold up. Hold on, hold on, don't scream, "BLASPHEMY!" just yet. When given some thought, you'll realize it's true. While the show's humor still clicks on some levels, many can't deny that there are moments that either make you eyeroll or cringe.

There's no real shame in enjoying the show, but the fashions, the politics, the technology, and other elements put the show in a specific '90s time capsule. Friends is surprisingly homophobic, racially underrepresented, and just doesn't seem to work when viewed with a 21st-century perspective. Let's have a Friends retrospective to see the reasons why Friends may not be as good as you remember.