Home Alone Is Way, Way More Messed Up Than You Remember

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Vote up the messed-up reasons that have you convinced Home Alone could be a horror movie.

Since its release in 1990, Home Alone has been a holiday classic. Macaulay Culkin worked his way into America's heart with his endearing, mischievous portrayal of Kevin McCallister, and the heartwarming story taught living rooms of children across the globe that even an eight-year-old boy can save the day... or so we thought. On second glance, Home Alone is actually pretty messed up.

Barring the fact that it'd take a normal family all of five minutes to notice their kid wasn't in the car, you still have to wonder whether or not the whole charade was on purpose. You conveniently left behind your eight-year-old son who has a budding passion for torture, probably because you all bully and abuse him? Sure.

The truth is that Kevin McCallister is evil. He's a straight-up sadist that some have likened to a miniature Jigsaw (you know, that guy who always wants to "play a game" in the Saw series). He's got a penchant for disturbing party tricks and is a master of manipulation. But at the root of it all are his parents, who are clearly over the whole idea of being mom and dad to a budding psychopath.

Home Alone is disturbing on more levels than one. In fact, Kevin McCallister may just be the most brilliant big screen villains of all time. Is that likely to translate into the Home Alone remake?

Vote up the reasons that in retrospect may just prove that Home Alone is basically a holiday horror film.


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    Kevin's Parents Blame Him For Being A Victim Of His Brother's Abuse

    Kevin's Parents Blame Him For Being A Victim Of His Brother's Abuse
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    Why is it that Kevin is always the one getting in trouble when he's with his whole family? Buzz certainly is not hiding the fact that he is tormenting his brother. He regularly screams and curses at his brother. He tells their sister that he hopes something bad happens to Kevin. He even loudly pretends to throw up a slice of pizza, when he ate the entire precious cheese pie – the only one that Kevin would eat. When Kevin finally snaps and charges at Buzz, it's his mother who blames him for the whole thing. She even watches as Jeff calls Kevin "a disease" and doesn't step in. It's absolutely wild to believe that the family would tolerate this type of bullying.


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    Buzz Publicly Humiliates Kevin At Their Recital And His Parents Laugh

    Kevin's brother Buzz is undeniably the worst, but the parents almost agree with his abuse. He publicly humiliates his little brother during their Christmas recital, and actually gets a laugh. Who would laugh at an eight-year-old's embarrassment? His very own parents. All Buzz has to do is utter an insincere apology. Meanwhile, Kevin is literally banished to the attic for spilling some milk.

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    Uncle Frank Verbally Abuses Kevin And No One Cares

    Throughout the film, Uncle Frank is show to be generally selfish, verbally abusive, and possibly sexually inappropriate with Kevin. Yet no one ever calls him out.

    In the first Home Alone, Frank berates Kevin, calling him "a little jerk" for spilling a soda bottle (if you look at the footage closely, it's actually Fuller who spills it).  Kevin's parents listen to Frank scream and remain silent.

    In Home Alone 2, the verbal abuse continues with an extra twist. Uncle Frank famously threatens Kevin saying, "Get out of here you nosy little pervert, or I'm going to slap you silly." Kevin then approaches his parents to tell them that Uncle Frank was literally talking to him about his penis. The eight-year-old admits, "he says if I see him naked, I’ll grow up never feeling like a real man." What parent doesn't investigate what the heck is going on?

    From refusing to pay for the pizza dinner to wanting to steal the crystal glasses from first class (on a ticket we're not even sure he even paid for), Frank is disgustingly cheap and beyond rude. He doesn't even seem to mind that Kevin is missing and happily serves up shrimp cocktail to a solemn family gutted about leaving their son behind.

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    The Police Don't Do Anything, Even When An Eight-Year-Old's Life Is At Stake

    The Police Don't Do Anything, Even When An Eight-Year-Old's Life Is At Stake
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    It took an insanely long time for the McCallisters to notice that Kevin was missing, but when they finally realize, they frantically call the police. What do the police do? Next to nothing. Sgt. Balzac seems to think it's ridiculous that some lady wants the police to check on her eight-year-old child who's been left all alone (in a world rampant with child predators, burglars, and internet pedophiles).

    A lazy officer does drop in, and he rings the doorbell a couple of times. He doesn't ever go inside to check on the kid (who could very well have electrocuted himself to death). Instead, Kevin's mom is told to recount her kids.

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    The McCallisters Left Kevin Home Twice

    A year after their son was forgotten at home and subject to a traumatic robbery, his parents go on vacation again. For the second time, they forget Kevin. Once is bad enough, but at a certain point, this has to be neglect. Why hasn't child services stepped in?

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    Kevin's Mother Sends Him To The Attic Without Dinner The Night Before A Really Long Flight

    What kind of parent doesn't pack a bag in advance for their eight-year-old kid? What kind of parent lets their young son watch everyone eat dinner, but sends them to bed (in the literal attic) without having a single slice of pizza? Kate McCallister is who.

    Kevin's mom is wildly messed up – or she's just an idiot. The mom trusts her eight-year-old kid to wake himself up on time, pack his clothes, follow the family as they're running through an airport, and board a flight to Paris all by himself. She also trusts him to not have the very human need to eat or not get peed on while he's sleeping. Or maybe she just doesn't care very much at all.