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Rebecca Shortall
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Johnny Depp used to be cool, man! His name was synonymous with chiseled cheekbones, rock-star behavior, and interesting and "brave" movie choices, at least by Hollywood's standards. He was (and still is, kind of) the leading man in a huge blockbuster franchise. But the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have become as bloated and lifeless as a corpse dragged from the very sea those swashbucklers sail on. He has become embroiled in scandal after scandal, and Johnny Depp's recent movies are like a photocopy of a photocopy of his once bulletproof quirk-fest formula.

And among other things, it's become increasingly apparent that he… kind of sucks. There are plenty of reasons why Johnny Depp sucks. He's kind of mean, is a jerk, says things that are definitely not PC, and, in general, seems all around unpleasant. While this behavior might not affect Johnny Depp movies of the past, they probably should affect them in the future. Let's take a look at why Johnny Depp is a jerk. 

He Allegedly Abused His Ex-Wife Amber Heard

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Depp and his now ex-wife Amber Heard had a tumultuous and ugly divorce racked by scandal and allegations of abuse. Heard photographed bruises and a bloodied lip as evidence, and there were countless testimonies from friends of the couples that said the marriage was unhealthy, and the best course of action was divorce. Heard even went so far as to set up a camera and film Depp returning home in a drunken stupor, smashing up kitchen cabinets, seemingly gearing up for a fight. It's all nasty as hell. You could even say this goes way beyond Depp being a "huge jerk." Abusing a partner with violence is monstrous. 

He Compared Being Famous To Being Raped

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Johnny Depp made a spectacularly ignorant statement to Vanity Fair in 2011, claiming that experiencing fame was akin to sexual assault: '"You just feel like you're being raped somehow," he said. "Raped… It feels like a kind of weird… just weird, man."'  Fame is a double-edged sword, for sure. But there's never a need to minimize the actual act of rape by comparing your lack of privacy to it.  

He Took His Dogs To Australia Without Proper Paperwork Or Authorization - Forcing The Dogs To Almost Be Killed

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The fault for this shitty behavior falls on both Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp was filming the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in Australia where Heard was supposed to visit, accompanied by their pet terriers Boo and Pistol. Heard had begun the paper work and required rabies shots to get the dogs legally cleared to enter the country, but she fired a staff member who was supposed to be in charge of said paperwork. Despite having clearance, they brought their dogs, which obviously angered Australian authorities. The pair were ordered to remove their dogs from Australia or risk having them put down. 

The decision making process that lead to the dog-smuggling via private jet is unclear, but the pair were caught. Depp made reference to the debacle at the 2015 Venice Film Festival with a bizarre "joke," saying that he "killed and ate his dogs". That's not creepy at all. Heard and Depp went on to film a bizarre YouTube apology about the incident.

He Trashed A Hotel Room

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This mark against his character harkens back to his wild, rock-and-roll behavior that defined him in the '90s. Depp was arrested for trashing his hotel room in 1994 and attempted to place the blame on an armadillo he said was hiding in the closet (but was never found). He was staying at The Mark in New York City, and was dating Kate Moss at the time. He had to pay $10,000 for the damages.

The hotel room trashing is quintessential jerk behavior at the hands of someone who has complete disregard for the service industry. Maybe Depp is a tortured soul who needs an outlet for all the rage he's built up being assaulted by cameras. Or he's just an asshole with an imaginary armadillo.