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12 Reasons Miles Teller Is The Biggest Douche In Young Hollywood

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Is Miles Teller a douche? If you believe his 2015 Esquire profile, the answer is probably yes. That article made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The writer, Anna Peele, opened up the piece with this shot: "You're sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he's a d*ck." Ouch. Peele makes no bones about the fact that she thinks Miles Teller is a bit of jerk. That interview, and plenty of other stories, suggest the actor may be one of the biggest douches in young Hollywood.

Teller has been a film fixture since 2010, when the actor made his feature debut in the drama Rabbit Hole. He appeared in several more movies over the next few years, including a reboot of the '80s classic Footloose in 2011. Then, in 2014, Teller had his breakthrough. He starred as an arrogant, talented drummer clashing with his terrifying music teacher in the Academy Award-winning drama Whiplash. Since then, he's been a seemingly unstoppable force in the industry.

But despite his rising star power, the Internet is filled with negative articles and stories about Teller. Google "Miles Teller arrest," and you'll find a sordid tale from the summer of 2017, detailing how the star blamed a bar for over serving him when he got in trouble for public intoxication. There was that time he publicly dissed John Cusack, and the other time he nearly came to blows with Fantastic Four director Josh Trank. Sorry, Teller – undeniable talent doesn't trump undeniably douchey behavior.

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    He Blamed The Bar After Getting Arrested For Public Intoxication

    During the summer of 2017, Teller was arrested outside a San Diego bar on suspicion of being too drunk. The police said Teller was uncooperative, and ultimately booked him on a charge of public intoxication.

    The douche factor reached a level of 10 when Teller came out and blamed the bar for over serving him. Then, when the story came out, he called out TMZ for reporting he was arrested. Teller claimed he had just been detained. However, the authorities confirmed the actor had in fact been arrested and booked.

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    He Almost Got Into A Fist Fight With Director Josh Trank

    Fantastic Four was a monumental disappointment; it was both a box office bomb and a critical punching bag. So it's not surprising to hear about the turmoil on the set of the superhero movie.

    One story claimed director Josh Trank and Teller, who played Reed Richards in the film, almost came to blows. According to Entertainment Weekly, the director and actor did not get along. Trank was allegedly "withdrawn" during shooting and Teller was sarcastic. That was a recipe for disaster, and at one point the pair went chest-to-chest, each daring the other to throw the first punch. In the end, cooler heads prevailed.

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    He Sent Damien Chazelle A Nasty Text After Getting Passed On For La La Land

    Director Damien Chazelle initially wanted to re-team with his Whiplash star for the musical La La Land. The story goes that both Teller and Emma Watson were cast. However, Chazelle had a change of heart, and instead those coveted roles went to Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

    Teller explained his side of the story to Esquire: "I got a call from my agent, saying, 'Hey, I just got a call from Lionsgate. Damien told them that he no longer thinks you're creatively right for the project. He's moving on without you.'"

    So far, not too douchey – until he revealed the text he sent to the Academy Award-winning director: "What the f*ck, bro?"

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    He Makes Rape Jokes

    At the end of Esquire interview, Teller ordered writer Anna Peele an Uber. She told him about some of the sexual assault accusations aimed at the company. In response, he said he ordered "Do not rape" service.

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