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15 Beyond Fascinating Facts About Sharks That Most People Don't Know

When you think about sharks, you probably picture a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Thanks to amazingly awful shark horror movies, people generally share a deep fear of the creatures. While there have been various incidents of real-life shark attacks throughout history, sharks are not the natural man-eaters people imagine them to be. In fact, scientists agree that you're more likely to be killed by a coconut than by a shark

Sharks are actually astounding creatures that, contrary to popular belief, don’t go around targeting every person in sight or capsizing boats out of revenge. They don't get enough credit for the positive roles they play in the oceans. For example, without sharks, the oceans would be riddled with dead aquatic life or overpopulated with fast-breeding schools of fish. This is because sharks will often feast on carcasses and consume dense sea life populations, which helps to keep the oceans clean, healthy, and balanced.

So, to all the shark haters out there: don't hate, appreciate! Discover some fascinating shark facts and learn why sharks really are the bad*sses of the sea.