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13 Reasons Why Superman Isn't As Boring As You Think He Is

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There’s this pervasive notion that Superman is the most uninteresting character in comic books. The argument is that because of his near invulnerability and innate goodness, there’s just nothing interesting about him. That's why it's impossible to make a good Superman movie. To counter: was it uninteresting when Superman ripped a dude’s arm off?

In reality, there are a multitude of interesting things about Superman. How could there not be? The guy has been around for 80 years! As such, Superman transcends comics. He is an integral part of American cultural history. After all, are comic books not the American mythology? Supes is the top of the heap. He is Zeus. He is Odin. He is the alpha. Simply put, Superman is the best.

Not only will this list offer you reasons Superman is not boring, but it will teach you a thing or two you almost certainly did not know about the Man of Steel. In fact, given his rich history, there's a pretty convincing case for why Superman is the greatest hero of all time.