The Swan Was The Most Inhumane Reality Television Competition Ever Made

In the annals of reality TV history, The Swan has cemented itself as one of the most unethical and inhumane. You can debate the worst reality shows ever, but few can argue that The Swan was uniquely horrible. A show that took women described as "ugly ducklings" and turns them into beautiful "swans," the series generated plenty of controversy. Fox aired two seasons in 2004 before quickly axing the misbegotten project.

While the cameras rolled, doctors nipped, tucked, and sculpted the women until they became enhanced versions of themselves. That typically meant the same plastic Barbie doll version of beauty, with very little input from the contestants themselves. The Swan also included a competition element. Two women per episode were judged against each other, and the contestant determined to have made the most progress went on to compete in "the pageant," the season finale in which "the Swan" was officially crowned.

After the show, there were all kinds of problems for the women who participated, both physically and in their personal lives. And it's clear that the morally bankrupt capitalists who produced the show didn't care; they had made their money. Here are just some of the reasons why The Swan is the most inhuman reality competition show ever.