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14 Painful Reminders That Thomas Jefferson Was Kind Of An Awful Person

If being American were a sport, Thomas Jefferson would be in the running for all-time MVP. Jefferson was one of the best Founding Fathers, the primary author of the Declaration, a celebrated President, and the most popular character in Hamilton. America was founded on Jefferson-stated principals, especially those regarding “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” along with all men being “created equal.”

Unfortunately, Jefferson himself really failed to live up to those lofty values. The great things that Jefferson did are eclipsed by the awful things he did. Jefferson’s hypocrisy is fairly well-known amongst Americans, but his status as a member of the Mount Rushmore Club has resulted in some of his outright terribleness being edited out of history.

Thomas Jefferson had many admirable qualities and contributed greatly to the creation of the United States of America. He deserves his status as a good President, unlike certain other individuals such as Andrew Jackson. However, as you examine the stories of his life below, you'll be surprised to find how Jefferson lacks honor and is a bit of a nasty person.