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Matthew Key
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Marvel Studios had a big year in 2014. They kicked it all off with Captain America: Winter Soldier, and the trailers for it made me feel all funny inside. Everyone knows Captain America: frozen in an iceberg in WWII, thawed in the modern age, joined the Avengers, etc. He’s basically Marvel’s answer to Superman, all truth, justice, and America, but without the flying or the cape.

However, Marvel finished their year by going completely off the rails with a little-known property, Guardians of the Galaxy. This obscure comic started off in 1969, the year we landed on the freaking moon, and has been in and out of publication ever since.

It wasn’t until Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning took over the property in 2008 (modifying the team’s purpose as well as completely changing up the team roster to the one you see in the movie) that it started to takeoff; well, kind of started to take off.

But even then, it only lasted for 25 issues before they stopped it. It wasn't until they announced at Comic Con 2013 that they were doing a movie for the title that it finally started to pick up steam and popularity.

But for those of you still not on the bandwagon, here is a list of ten reasons you should be excited for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

By the way, POSSIBLE spoilers are scattered throughout this list, so read at your own risk.

Rocket Raccoon is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top Reasons to Get Excited for Guardians of the Galaxy
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If you are familiar with the character of Rocket Raccoon then just saying his name should be enough. However, for all of you uninitiated in the Rocket Fan Club, here’s why you should be excited.

First of all, he’s a raccoon. Like, an actual raccoon. Well, a genetically altered raccoon from the Keystone Quadrant where he was the head security officer for a planet called Halfworld.

Also, he’s a raccoon who smokes, drinks, curses and could murder you with a plasma gun bigger than your head. He’s a surly little guy with more attitude than Wolverine and a lot more talent for blowing stuff up. 

He may look like an adorable woodland critter, but make no mistake, Rocket is a two foot tall powder keg of explosive action; he might just be the biggest wildcard on the team.

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The Rocket Raccoon And Groot Team-Up

The Rocket Raccoon And Groot T... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Top Reasons to Get Excited for Guardians of the Galaxy
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So, as awesome as Rocket Raccoon is as a character, giving him a best friend that happens to be a giant walking tree for him to clamber all over is a stroke of genius. That’s what we have with the character of Groot, except that Groot isn't ACTUALLY a giant walking tree; Groot is an alien species from Planet X that happens to RESEMBLE a tree, but he isn't a tree. Don’t call him a tree.

In the comics, all Groot can say is “I am Groot,” which on the surface makes him sound like he’s not very intelligent. However, as it turns out, their language is based on the breaths taken between the words, the pauses, the inflections and all of the other things that go in to communicating. Rocket is the only one that actually understands what his buddy is saying, which gives them like a secret language.

Does this remind you of anyone else like, oh, I don’t know, Han and Chewbacca?

And that’s very much the sort of dynamic these two have with one another, with Rocket being the cool, quip-filled, I-shot-first pirate and Groot being the giant, looming muscle that backs his best friend by throwing the bad guys through walls. These two friends are inseparable and watching them work together could be worth the price of admission alone. 

Star-Lord is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Top Reasons to Get Excited for Guardians of the Galaxy
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Okay, I know I just compared Rocket to Han Solo, but that was only for the purpose of demonstrating Rocket and Groot’s relationship. As far as actual characters go, PeterQuill, a.k.a. Star-Lord has all of the gun-blazing swagger, sarcastic over-confidence and ladies’ man bravado as the iconic Star Wars smuggler that could do the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs.

In the comics, Star-Lord is half-human, half-Spartoi (an alien race) and is the illegitimate son of that planet’s King. (By the by, the name of the planet is Spartoi). It remains to be seen if the movie will keep this particular history, but by all appearances, it's great that they are keeping his brash, shoot-first, damn-the-consequences rogue of a character intact. 

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Space Opera

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Space fights! Space ships! Laser guns! Rocketing off of one alien planet then landing on another one! Fighting extraterrestrials! Making new friends with extraterrestrials! Crazy technology! The science behind all of this can be fun, but who cares about all of that when there are laser guns to shoot and aliens to fight!?

Basically, take everything that you loved about Star Wars and imagine it with Marvel superheroes and you get this movie.