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Put on your adult diapers and whip up some chimichangas, because Deadpool's is here. The Deadpool movie finally brought the beloved, fourth wall-breaking antihero to the big screen in all his glory. Ryan Reynolds spent years trying to make it happen, and now Deadpool is a real movie. Specifically, it's an R-rated superhero movie like none other.

Don't worry. Just because Reynolds is back in the role doesn't mean he's playing the same version he played in the past. Fox has learned from their mistakes and there's no "Barakapool" they tried to pass off as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The film was a massive success and a sequel (or two) is confirmed! If you haven't seen the movie yet, here are the top reasons why you should see the Deadpool movie right now.
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The Suit
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"I bet you're wondering 'Why the red suit?' Well, that's so bad guys don't see me bleed."

With the success of the Avengers films, those colorful costumes the X-Men movie franchise never quite embraced are making their way into the X-Films. Deadpool's movie costume is the spitting image Wade Wilson's comic book regalia. The filmmakers even used digital effects to give Poolie's live-action eyes an expressiveness that has never been accomplished with a mask like this in a comic book movie.
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The Test Footage Is the Bomb
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When proof-of-concept test footage leaked one night, the Internet immediately went crazy. The footage is actually based on a sequence from the screenplay, so if the film is captures just a fraction of the footage's craziness, it'll be a blast unlike any other superhero movie. It captures the anarchic essence of the character perfectly, while also suggesting that director Tim Miller won't skimp on over-the-top action.
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F*cking Deadpool
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Fans are finally going to get one of the most popular antiheroes in comic book history on film! After hearing all the it's happening/it's not happening rumors over the years, it's tough to believe that this post-modern play on superheroics has finally become a movie.
Get ready for some laughs and violence compacted into a two-hour flick. What's best about Deadpool is that he breaks the fourth-wall and he knows he's a comic book character. We'll probably see him calling people out in the movie audience, poking fun at the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, and even mocking Green Lantern, the DC hero Ryan Reynolds took a cinematic swing at a few years back.
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Ryan Reynolds is Returning
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He was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so it only makes sense that he returns as Deadpool in this new solo film. Right? That whole "Barakapool" mess wasn't his fault. In fact, when he didn't have his mouth sealed shut (why, Fox... why?!), he was actually pretty funny.

Reynolds has stuck with the character and the property for years, actively trying to convince the studio to invest in a proper Deadpool that would do justice to this singularly weird character. For the better part of a decade, Reynolds's efforts felt like a pipe dream, yet here we are.
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