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Producers Created Instruments Specifically For The Show

HBO and Live Nation, titans of entertainment that they are, threw money into this production, and it pays off in terms of quality. A wide selection of rare and unusual instruments make up different parts of the show, while others got invented specifically for this live event. To soundtrack the depiction of a wildling raid on the Wall, producers fashioned a custom, 12-ft horn designed to mimic those of the Free Folk. Coupled with the fact some of the world's most renowned musicians signed onto this project, one expects it to sound spectacular.

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HBO Spared No Expense On This Musical Extravaganza

Everything about this concert is extraordinary, right down to the stages. Over 800 feet of digital monitors integrated with physical set pieces create a breathtaking depiction of the world of ice and fire, one that includes seven stages representing each of the Seven Kingdoms.

The main stage presents a 360° recreation of King's Landing, complete with its very own iron throne. A Winterfell stage uses shape-shifting set pieces to recreate iconic images from the North, including a weirwood tree and the Wall. If you're not impressed yet, just wait until you see the dragons start breathing real fire at the audience. A stunning display of technology, music, and television, the entire concert took three years to plan, and it shows.

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Westworld Fans Could Be Treated To A Concert Tour As Well

The critical acclaim and amazing journey of getting this concert to the stage inspires Djawadi to consider an interactive performance for another HBO he composes for: Westworld. That's right, the world of sci-fi intrigue and Western six-shooters get the live concert treatment as well! Djawadi himself brought up the idea in an interview after being asked about any future tours he would be interested in.

Westworld. I’m starting to have ideas for Westworld. There’s so many cool themes to work with from that show. It would be something totally different. And there’s robots."

Djawadi's plans for a Westworld tour would be very different from the epic Game of Thrones tour, especially when it comes to the music. He pictures a tour involving synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and moody piano. Let's hope that HBO adds this one to the schedule as well.

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For those of you unable to make it the Game of Thrones live concert experience, the wait for new GoT content will be aggravating and long. Season 8 will likely premiere in the spring or summer of 2019, nearly two years after the conclusion of Season 7. Until then, you just have to settle for the five books and seven seasons of content produced so far. Who knows, maybe George RR Martin will release The Winds of Winter at freaking last. But it's doubtful even Melisandre sees that happening in the flames.

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