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Why Every Fan Must Experience The Game Of Thrones Live Concert

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Nothing feels quite like a Sunday night where the Game of Thrones main title theme introduces you to a brand new episode, but with Season 8 not arriving until 2019, that feeling won't return for a hot minute. Luckily for you, HBO and Live Nation partnered up to put on a Game of Thrones live concert experience featuring classic music from the beloved fantasy series. In this interactive experience combining both sonic and visual elements, you hear all of the most famous songs from the Game of Thrones score, including "The Rains of Castamere" and "Light of the Seven", performed by a live orchestra. A remarkable team of musicians and designers teamed up to put on a performance lauded by critics and audiences for its ingenuity and amazing music.

For a limited time, you can see the lands of Westeros and Essos in a brand new medium, one that combines dazzling technical effects with orchestral melodies. Tickets are still available, but the tour is nearing its conclusion. With no guarantee this tour will happen again, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy GoT like never before. Winter is coming, but not for another year-and-a-half at least, so until then, tide yourself over with this remarkable Game of Thrones concert experience. Get your Game of Thrones Live Concert tickets now! #GameofThronesLive

  • Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

    Everything about this concert is extraordinary, right down to the stages. Over 800 feet of digital monitors integrated with physical set pieces create a breathtaking depiction of the world of ice and fire, one that includes seven stages representing each of the Seven Kingdoms.

    The main stage presents a 360° recreation of King's Landing, complete with its very own iron throne. A Winterfell stage uses shape-shifting set pieces to recreate iconic images from the North, including a weirwood tree and the Wall. If you're not impressed yet, just wait until you see the dragons start breathing real fire at the audience. A stunning display of technology, music, and television, the entire concert took three years to plan, and it shows.

  • Photo: Live Nation / YouTube

    HBO and Live Nation, titans of entertainment that they are, threw money into this production, and it pays off in terms of quality. A wide selection of rare and unusual instruments make up different parts of the show, while others got invented specifically for this live event. To soundtrack the depiction of a wildling raid on the Wall, producers fashioned a custom, 12-ft horn designed to mimic those of the Free Folk. Coupled with the fact some of the world's most renowned musicians signed onto this project, one expects it to sound spectacular.

  • Photo: Live Nation / YouTube

    Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi lies at the center of the experience as the lead conductor of an 80-piece orchestra. While Djawadi leads the show, he refuses to let his musicians have all the fun. He steps away from the conductor's stand to play a piano rendition of "Light of the Seven." The song first premiered in the season six finale "The Winds of Winter" and turned into an instant classic among the fanbase. 


    The tour was announced in August of 2016 at an event featuring Djawadi and Game of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead Wright. The two answered fan questions before Wright (AKA Bran Stark) introduced a massive orchestra to perform a teaser of what fans may expect from the show. Catching fire faster than you can say Dracarys, the announcement sent one million fans to the official website for the tour, crashing the site.