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Here's Why You Should Finally Give One Piece A Chance

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Now that Naruto and Bleach have wrapped up, there's no question as to which Shonen Jump series reigns supreme. One Piece, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, is the longest-running Shonen franchise, with the manga going strong since 1997. The anime is a hit in its own right, and is over 800 episodes long. 

If you still haven't given the Straw Hat Pirate crew a shot, then get ready to binge, as there are a ton of reasons why you should watch One Piece. The series brings to life a world filled with strange creatures and dastardly villains, most of whom possess extraordinary powers. On top of that, the tone strikes a perfect balance between comedy and tragedy, and raucously funny moments are often followed by stories of genuine human pain. Whether you're a young anime fan or a seasoned adult viewer, everyone can find something to love about One Piece. 

  • 1. Each Adventure Introduces A New, Interesting Setting

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  • 2. The Story Isn't As Childish As It May Seem

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  • 3. The Story Is Loaded With Moments Of Emotional Resilience

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  • 4. Great Characters Aren't Pointlessly Killed

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