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12 Reasons Why You Should Watch 'The Promised Neverland'

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The Promised Neverland is one of the biggest shows of the Winter 2019 anime season. If you haven't checked it out yet, there's no time like the present - especially since Season Two is slated for 2020. Popularity isn't the same as quality though, so you might be wondering - is The Promised Neverland good? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. 

Based on a shōnen manga written by Kaiu Shirai, The Promised Neverland tells the story of a group of orphans who live in what they think is a warm and loving home with their kind and gentle caretaker, Mama. But Grace Field House is actually a farm for children being raised as food for a species of demons, and Mama is really Isabella, their jailor. When the children find out the truth, they're desperate to escape - but how?

The intriguing premise is one one of many reasons why you should watch The Promised Neverland. From the art to the symbolism, this article will give you some good reasons to watch The Promised Neverland. Be forewarned - this article will contain spoilers. The big ones are marked off, so if you haven't seen the show yet, be on the lookout for bolded spoiler tags. 

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    It's One Of The Few Shonen Anime With A Female Protagonist

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    Shonen anime is a genre that almost never has female protagonists - and the female side characters are often portrayed as weak or inferior to their male counterparts. While shonen is originally aimed at boys, a slight majority of shonen fans are actually girls and women. Even if that weren't true, it's still important for boys to see strong and competent female protagonists.

    Emma is a rare example of something that's desperately needed in the genre - a brave, intelligent female protagonist who never gives up no matter how long the odds, and who is committed to being a hero. 

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    There Are More Mysteries To Uncover

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    The first season of The Promised Neverland ends on a hopeful note - but also on a massive cliffhanger. While it's painful to have to wait until 2020 for the next season, it's also exciting to know that there's a lot more to the story. The manga hasn't been completely published yet, but it should be ending at approximately 20 volumes or 150 chapters. Because the anime only covers the first 37 chapters, it's clear that there's plenty more story where that came from.

    If you love the feeling of excitement that comes with waiting for a beloved show to update, you should get familiar with The Promised Neverland

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    Ray's Backstory Is Chilling

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    If you haven't seen The Promised Neverland yet, this part is going to be spoiler-heavy, so keep scrolling if you're not here looking for reasons to persuade your friends to watch a show you already love.

    Ray, the most cynical member of the trio, has a particularly touching backstory. Unlike Norman and Emma, he didn't lead a peaceful, happy life that was suddenly destroyed by a terrible discovery. Ray has known exactly what he was destined for his entire life. That's because he remembers everything he's ever experienced, including events that occurred while he was in utero. His real mother is actually Isabella, a woman who he knew would deliver him to be devoured by demons. Despite being burdened with this terrible knowledge, and despite being forced to watch his siblings be sent to the slaughter, Ray bided his time, asking for small trinkets in exchange for helping his mother - trinkets he would eventually use to help orchestrate an escape. Though prone to bouts of depression and cynicism, he perseveres despite being all too aware of the danger - and having no happy childhood to buoy him. His story is absolutely tragic, but it's also one of triumph - at least, as far as the first season is concerned. 

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    The Suspense Is Off The Hook

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    If you want to watch an anime that will keep you on your toes, you need to be watching The Promised Neverland. Many of the episodes end in cliff-hangers that made viewers who were watching the show from week to week miserable, but which will encourage later viewers to binge-watch. From the first-episode revelation that residents of Grace Field House weren't being adopted but were being processed as gourmet meat for demons to all the challenges that they face as they attempt to escape, these suspenseful moments will keep you genuinely invested in what happens next.

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