27 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Do you consider yourself a DIY superstar who has never met a problem you couldn’t solve with the right combination of creativity, borderline recklessness, and dumb sh*t luck? Well if so, then here you’ll find yourself well at home among your people via the following collection of dangerous photos that are enough to rise the average person’s blood pressure a few notches. Please be advised that we in no way condone the idea of trying any of the following scenarios yourself at home, work, or anywhere the hell else, for reasons that we’re confident will soon become obvious to the average reader.

Perhaps you’ve never been the daredevil type and are looking to expand your comfort zone a little without ever actually leaving the relative safety of your Lazy-Boy? Well, friend we’re got you covered with this series of images guaranteed to make you more nervous than a hooker at a Baptist tent revival.

What you’re about to see is basically pure, unaltered anxiety captured in a series of photos, almost none of which we can guarantee ended even remotely well for these men. That said, if you laugh in the face of danger and/or common sense, strap on your hard hat and knock yourself out with this ridiculously hilarious collection of photos of men doing dumb things.