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15 Reasons You Should Choose the Xbox

Updated 21 May 2020 16.6k votes 2.4k voters 63.4k views15 items

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There are plenty of reasons why Xbox is better than PlayStation, even though the Sony disciples will try to convince you of otherwise. While Sony's PS2 clearly won the console war over the original Xbox, the tide turned in Microsoft's favor when the Xbox 360 arrived in 2005. With the new console, Microsoft fixed some major hardware issues that plagued the original, and quickly outmatched the PS3. This trend continued with the releases of the Xbox One and PS4, and today, your hard-earned dollars are better spent on Microsoft's console. 

Is Xbox Live better than PlayStation Live? Yes. Microsoft's polished online service is much more stable and user-friendly than Sony's, even though both cost the same price. On top of that, there are things the Xbox can do that the PlayStation 4 can't. You can play 360 and original Xbox games on your Xbox One, and you can purchase one digital copy of a game to play on both your Xbox and your PC. If that isn't enough evidence, Microsoft just launched a service that lets you play more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for less than $10 a month.

Long-time players with massive game libraries tend to like Xbox One better than PS4; even if you don't necessarily need the extra graphical power, you'll be getting a console that has the specs to stay relevant for years to come.  

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