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Meet The Rebobs, Flying Monkeys Of Napa Valley Created By The Government

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What's the difference between cryptozoology and an urban legend? When does a creepypasta become a conspiracy theory? For those who would like a bit of all of the above, there are the Rebobs of Napa Valley.

What are Rebobs? According to true believers, they are real flying monkeys who may have been created by the government, a mad scientist, or both, possibly as a sort of smokescreen to cover up other Napa Valley conspiracies, including an alleged secret bunker where the president of the United States will stay in the event of a nuclear strike.

  • The Rebobs Are Said To Strike Near Partrick Road

    Partrick Road is a winding lane that leaves the town of Napa, CA, and heads into the hills. It has been described as a "narrow road draped in darkness and lined with dense foliage," by Samie Hartley. Writing for the Napa Valley Register, Hartley recounted a date night when her husband took her up Partrick Road without warning her of its most infamous inhabitants, the Rebobs.

  • Flying Monkeys May Lurk In A Local Cemetery

    While the Rebobs of Napa Valley are said to mainly hang around Partrick Road, they are especially associated with one spot in particular: the lonely, private cemetery of the family that lends the street its name. Writing for the Napa Valley Register in 2016, Samie Hartley described the area by saying "it wasn’t a place for visitors of the human variety."

  • The Partrick Family Is Entwined In The Story

    Making their home in the Napa Valley area since 1856, the Partrick family had a passion for roads, especially Jasper Partrick, who was a Napa County supervisor starting in 1906. The Partrick family also ran a candy store for three generations, which may be one way the family ties in with the local legend of the Rebobs, which often comes up around Halloween.

    They also lend their name to Partrick Road, which passes by the private Partrick family cemetery, the most commonly reported haunt of the resident cryptids.

  • Are The Rebobs Real?

    There are still true believers who maintain the Rebobs are hanging around Partrick Road outside Napa, CA, to this very day, possibly acting as cover for other, more nefarious Napa Valley conspiracies. According to the Napa Valley Register, however, by the 1970s, the Rebobs had mostly become "the catalyst for a lot of practical jokes".

    While most local newspaper coverage of the Rebobs has been more lovingly skeptical than not, the rumors of the Rebobs persist and are so well-known around the Napa Valley area that, when a helicopter began circling overhead one Saturday night, a resident on the Nextdoor social media site immediately speculated, "Rebobs?"