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Meet The Rebobs, Flying Monkeys Of Napa Valley Created By The Government

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What's the difference between cryptozoology and an urban legend? When does a creepypasta become a conspiracy theory? For those who would like a bit of all of the above, there are the Rebobs of Napa Valley.

What are Rebobs? According to true believers, they are real flying monkeys who may have been created by the government, a mad scientist, or both, possibly as a sort of smokescreen to cover up other Napa Valley conspiracies, including an alleged secret bunker where the president of the United States will stay in the event of a nuclear strike.

  • There Are Other Weird Happenings In Napa Valley

    Napa Valley is home to more than its fair share of conspiracy theories, of which the flying monkeys known as Rebobs are only the most colorful. The now-defunct Napa Sentinel used to publish story after story about "mysterious black helicopters sweeping up the west side of the Napa Valley to a hidden base," as recalled by Kevin Courtney, writing for the Napa Valley Register.

    Some maintain the area is home to a secret government bunker where the president will be taken in the event of a nuclear strike against the United States, while other local stories include "gravity hills" and more prosaic hauntings.

  • The Rebobs Have Inspired Songs

    While the Rebobs of Napa Valley may not be as well-known outside their own locality as some of the nation's more famous cryptids, local Napa Valley residents are often fiercely proud of their own home-grown flying monkeys.

    In fact, a Napa, CA, band actually named itself after the Rebobs, releasing an album called Partricks Road featuring songs like "Flight of the Rebobs."

  • The Rebob Almost Became The Mascot For A Local School

    In March 2018, the school board decided to change the mascot of Napa High School. One suggestion, which came from Kelly Doren, a Napa High graduate and the chief of the copy desk at the Napa Valley Register, was to replace the outgoing Indian mascot with the area's own personal crytid, the Rebob. Doren even went so far as to design a logo for the Napa High Rebobs.

    When the Napa High school board sent out options for the new mascot, however, Doren's Rebob wasn't included; a vote in August 2018 saw the Grizzly chosen as the school's new mascot.