Meet The Rebobs, Flying Monkeys Of Napa Valley Created By The Government

What's the difference between cryptozoology and an urban legend? When does a creepypasta become a conspiracy theory? For those who would like a bit of all of the above, there are the Rebobs of Napa Valley.

What are Rebobs? According to true believers, they are real flying monkeys who may have been created by the government, a mad scientist, or both, possibly as a sort of smokescreen to cover up other Napa Valley conspiracies, including an alleged secret bunker where the president of the United States will stay in the event of a nuclear strike.

  • These Flying Monkeys Allegedly Look Like The Ones From 'The Wizard Of Oz'

    What are Rebobs? The answer varies a bit depending upon whom you ask, but almost everyone agrees Rebobs are real flying monkeys that look a lot like the ones from The Wizard of Oz - except scarier.

    According to at least one account, they are actually "half monkey/half robot," which might explain their odd name. Regardless, they are almost always described as flying monkeys, and they typically hang around Partrick Road outside Napa, California.

  • Believers Say Rebobs Were Created By Mad Scientists

    According to the Cryptic Chronicles podcast, most accounts of the origins of the Rebobs hold that they were created by an unnamed mad scientist. In some versions of the story, the scientist was attempting to combine monkeys and humans, while others claim he was working with the government to create a new type of soldier before things got out of hand.

    The Napa Valley Register, however, chalks these legends up to the "B-rated monster movies of the 1950s and '60s."

  • Some Believe The Flying Monkeys Are Meant To Be A Distraction

    The strange Rebobs aren't the only Napa Valley conspiracies that plague the area. In fact, some even believe the flying monkeys themselves are nothing more than a distraction manufactured by the government to cover up other activities, such as covert operations related to a supposed Doomsday Safety Center where the president will be housed in the event of a nuclear strike on the United States. 

    While the likelihood of a secret government bunker in Napa Valley may be as remote as the possibility of real flying monkeys, rumors of black helicopters and other strange activity in the area have persisted for about as long as the stories of the Rebobs.

  • The Rebobs Are Rumored To Target Teens

    Like any good monsters, the Rebobs of Napa Valley like to accost amorous couples who park along Partrick Road, which winds out of the town of Napa, CA, and into the nearby hills. According to the stories, the Rebobs crave "young, passion-filled flesh."

    But since couples probably don't park down back roads to make out as often as they used to, the Rebobs may have refined their methods over the years. Some accounts claim the flying monkeys target any car that goes down the road at night, or that the Rebobs spirit away Napa Valley children through open windows.