The Best US Versions of International Game Shows

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While the game show as a genre has its roots in the United States history of broadcast TV, that doesn't mean the format hasn't made its way to other countries. In fact, there are dozens of amazing game shows that air in the United States based on different series created overseas. International game shows have been ported over to the United States for decades, but it isn't always clear if an American game show has an international origin or is a fully New World idea. Even America's Funniest Home Videos is based on a Japanese series!

Since the original concept for game shows first skipped across the pond, many new ideas have returned as a reward, which is how the US has versions of Korean, Japanese, British, Australian, and many other nations' game shows adapted for an American audience. The shows that have aired most recently aren't necessarily the best game shows of all time, but they do make for amazing, current and competitive television that is way easier to see than shows from other countries.

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