Recent Events That Will Most Likely Make It Into History Books 50 Years From Now

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The modern 24-hour news cycle inundates us with a constant barrage of stories every day. And in the heat of the moment, each of them can feel a like momentous affair that will forever change the course of history. However, a rare few actually are.

We all know from our history books that in 1776 the British colonies in North America declared independence from their mother country and created a new nation. We know the names of the Founding Fathers, the battles fought, and the words written in commitment to a new democratic-republic. Yet we never hear the story of how the 5-foot 4-inch, red-headed, "and very poorly cloathed [sic]" soldier Isaac Sylvester deserted from the Continental Army. It made the paper on January 25, 1776, so it was important to someone. It would have been very important to people who knew Sylvester or anyone who strongly believed in the cause of Independence. Yet, it matters very little in the greater perspective of history.

It's the large movements and monumental changes that become important in our retellings of history, but it's actually quite difficult to tell what those will be when we're living through them. Furthermore, the impact of current events may even change as unforeseen future events play out. But will that stop people from speculating? No, of course not.

It's fun to think about how future historians will eventually come to understand our present. Will this be a golden age of civilization or another dark age? Will the COVID-19 pandemic become an epoch-making disease like the Black Death, or will it be mostly forgotten until a similar pandemic rolls around, like the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918? Will Harry Styles still be considered the "woke heartthrob for our times?" The future is currently unknown, but these are the post-2016 events that readers believe will remain important in history books published 50 years from now.

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    The COVID-19 Pandemic

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    Great Britain Leaving The European Union After A Popular Brexit Referendum

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    The Taliban Quickly Reclaim Control Over Afghanistan After The US Military Departs

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    The January 6 Insurrection At The US Capitol Building

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    Kamala Harris Becoming The  First Female Vice President Of The United States