31 Pain-Filled Posts From People Exhausted By Job Hunting

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Job hunting is a special kind of nightmare. The endless retyping of resumes and cover letters along with interview processes that seem to go on forever. These posts from r/recruitinghell capture that frustration and show every job hunter than they're not along.

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  • 1. Ever Feel Like You're Never Good Enough?

    Ever Feel Like You're Never Good Enough?
    Photo: u/tyw7 / Reddit
    1,131 votes
  • 2. Enough With The Tests

    Enough With The Tests
    Photo: u/damntheelctricfence / Reddit
    1,620 votes
  • 3. Only Fair

    Only Fair
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
    1,281 votes
  • 4. They Did The Research

    They Did The Research
    Photo: u/MrZJones / Reddit
    1,542 votes
  • 5. No Hoop Jumping

    No Hoop Jumping
    Photo: u/riseofthenothing / Reddit
    863 votes
  • 6. It's A Candidate's Market

    It's A Candidate's Market
    Photo: u/ddh85 / Reddit
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