The Cheapest Stuff Our Favorite Childhood TV Shows Got Away With

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Vote up the most blatant corner-cutting moves from shows we loved anyway.

As much as we still love our favorite childhood TV shows, that doesn't mean they're perfect. It's not that the shows are bad or that we've gotten more cynical with age. It's just that when you look back on your favorite shows from when you were a kid, it's really easy to see where they cut corners - sometimes so brazenly or hilariously, you really almost have to respect it.

Whether you watched The Simpsons on Sundays, Scooby-Doo before school, or if you were VeggieTales kid, they all used recycled animation, and some were more brazen than others. It's not just the animated shows that were a little lazy. Shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reused footage all the time, and at least one beloved Nickelodeon show made its cast buy their own wardrobe.

None of this means that we were wrong to love these shows. In many ways, the fact that the shows could be so overtly cheap and remain lovable is a testament to just how much they still hold up.