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Red Beer Beers

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List of Red Beer beers, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Are you a beer lover? Do you enjoy a nice brew from time to time? If yes than use this list of popular Red Beer beers to find some beers that you haven't tried yet. In the past 15 years the beer movement has made huge progressions, with craft beers becoming a delicacy more enjoyed than the standard beers that were so common in the 80's and 90's. Red Beer brews were a big part of that movement, and are now commonly ordered around the world on a daily basis.

Everything from Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale to Upper Canada Brewing Company is included on this list.

This list answers the question, "What are the best Red Beer beers?"
  • Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use
    Lagunitas Censored Ale is a copper colored beer produced by the Lagunitas Brewing Company....  more
    • % Alcohol: 5.9% alcohol
    • Brewery / Brand: Lagunitas Brewing Company
    • Style: Red Beer
  • Lagunitas Imperial Red Ale is a seasonal beer produced by the Lagunitas Brewing Company....  more
    • % Alcohol: 7.8% alcohol
    • Brewery / Brand: Lagunitas Brewing Company
    • Style: Red Beer, Seasonal beer
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    Rickard's Red

    Rickard's Red has remained Canada's top selling red beer for over 10 years. First brewed in Vancouver at the original site of the Capilano brewery in the early 1980's, Rickard's Red is made with a unique blend of three different malted barleys. The result is an unbelievable smooth and delicious red beer with exceptional drinkability....
    • % Alcohol: 5.2% alcohol
    • Style: Red Beer
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    Upper Canada Brewing Company is a brewery in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Frank Heaps in Toronto, it started brewing beer in 1985 and grew to become one of the largest independent breweries in Canada. Its location at 2 Atlantic Ave. in Toronto included a "gift shop" that allowed the independent brewer to sell alcohol on Sunday, something that Ontario's licensed outlet Beer Store chain, which had a virtual monopoly on beer sales, was not permitted to do at the time. The company was sold to private investors in 1995, went public in 1996, and was finally acquired by Sleeman Breweries in 1998. Soon afterwards Frank Heaps' son used the profits his father made from selling Upper Canada...  more
    • Style: Ale, Wheat beer, Red Beer, Lager
    • Region: Canada