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Real Estate Agents And Homeowners Reveal The Biggest Red Flags You Should Look For

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Buying a new home requires much more work than simply saving money and checking listings on Zillow. To purchase the perfect home, you need to conduct research, and one way to do so involves reading up a real estate agent's red flags in home buying. In one of the more positive sides of Reddit, realtors reveal red flags you should look out for when buying a house. Additionally, a few homeowners share the red flags they encountered when they bought their home.

Aspects of a house, from the interior's smell to the condition of the basement, all deserve examination and consideration before you ever sign your name on a dotted line. That said, keeping an eye out for open-house red flags can be difficult with all of the various factors involved. On occasion, previous homeowners leave stuff behind or fail to disclose their newly built secret panic room that conflicts with zoning laws.

It goes without saying that purchasing a new home demands a great deal of research, time, and effort on the part of the buyer. But thanks to these helpful tips and tricks from real estate agents, you might just land the home of your dreams.

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    Go To Viewings When It Rains

    From Redditor /u/Yvgar:

    Go to showings when it's rainy as f*ck, then check out the basement.

    This will expose any water issues with the foundation... One house I was shown had a cable run into the basement from outside at the dirt-level and never sealed - so there was a stream of water pouring over the circuit breaker box onto the basement floor.

    Passed on that house.

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    Always Ask To See The Attic

    From Redditor /u/Paretio:

    As a construction guy, [I advise you to] please, please, please check the attic. People buy houses and never check the actual attic. If you go up there and smell a burnt smell or see big, silvery tubes that look crumpled, those are issues.

    If there is any strong smell, don't buy. No one spends $80 on Glade plugins unless they are trying to hide something.

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    Scan The Outside Perimeter

    From Redditor /u/Jtizzzle:

    Realtor here. Grading. Hands down. Or, the angle at which the ground slopes at the foundation of the house. If the ground slopes towards the house, then that means any rain is just going to be funneled right up to your foundation, and [it] can cause some big problems. Extra caution if it is sloped concrete, like a driveway, 'cause that means either mudjacking or jackhammering, both labor and cost-intensive.

    Seriously, when you're looking at a house, do a walk around the perimeter first. Could save you tens of thousands and future foundation problems.

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    Is It In A Flood Zone?

    From Redditor /u/Maxwyfe:

    Is this property in a flood zone?

    Just because it's not on the water doesn't mean the property is flood-free. Check with the county and ask the neighbors.

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