20 People Share The Dating Red Flags They See As A Big Green Light

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Vote which response you think is actually a green flag.

Some of us get the 'ick' super fast from some things, others view them as a go go go. Let us know which you believe are actaully green flags most people think are red flags. 

  • 1. Being Excited About A Second Date

    From Redditor r/deleted:

    Being excited to go on another date, immediately.

    Could be codependency, or it could be that you’re genuinely that interesting to her. Why wouldn’t I want to spend a lot of time with someone I like?

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  • 2. Texting To Say How Excited They Were

    r/ Worldly_Walnut

    My girlfriend texted me while I was driving back home from our first date to say she had a great time. I also had a great time, but I usually waited until the next day to text back until then. It was really nice to be able to text back and and be myself instead of waiting so I didn't seem like I was coming on too strongly

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  • 3. Texting Right Away

    From Redditor r/Badloss

    Right or texting again right away... idk the whole "act like you're too cool for them" thing is so stupid to me

    If I had a great time with someone, of course I want to keep talking to them. That doesn't mean like blow up their phone but I also don't think you should intentionally hold back when you want to keep a conversation going

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  • 4. Being Shy

    r/ c-era-una-volta:

    Being shy and ackward… when someone truly likes someone they might be extra shy

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  • 5. Being Busy

    r/ DibEdits

    People being busy. I like when they have their own hobbies

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  • 6. Being Good At Dating Vs. Relationship


    Being bad at dating in general. Dating and relationships have completely different skill sets. One requires timing and guarding your information and trying to show your best self and not being too weird and handling these various interested people while the other requires opening up and sharing your true self with just one person. Totally different skill sets. People who are terrible at dating might be just great at being in a relationship, ya know?

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