Red Lobster Secret Menu Items

Red Lobster offers some 'secret menu' items that might not be listed on the restaurant's official menu. If you want to modify a Red Lobster menu item, sometimes all it takes is asking your server. Whether it's special dietary restrictions or just a serious yen for some extra shrimp, you can usually get what you're after at Red Lobster.

What are the Red Lobster secret menu items? Read on to learn about some super-secret items on the seafood restaurant chain's menu that will please your taste buds without breaking your wallet! If you want more secret menus I suggest checking out the Olive Garden hidden menu or the Whataburger off menu items.


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    Extra Cheddar Biscuits

    Extra Cheddar Biscuits
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    Let's be perfectly honest here: Most of us hit up Red Lobster for those amazingly addictive cheddar cheese biscuits. First of all, they're delicious biscuits. Second of all - they've got tons of cheese in them. Mouthgasm! Depending on the restaurant you visit, you might find that the server is somewhat stingy with these culinary delights.

    Ask for more. Plain and simple. Before you even wolf down that one remaining biscuit in the basket, tell the server to keep 'em coming.

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    Grilled or Steamed

    Grilled or Steamed
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    If you're hoping to order a nice, grilled, juicy lobster tail at Red Lobster, be aware that this option isn't always available - at least, not on the menu, in some areas. Still, if you're dead set on chowing down on grilled lobster, simply ask the server to grill it up instead of steaming.
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    Red Lobster Specials

    Red Lobster Specials
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    Did you positively fall in lust with a particular Red Lobster menu special the last time you went out to eat? Don't see it on the menu anymore? Don't despair: You may be able to order the special anyway. This mainly depends on whether the restaurant location you visit has the ingredients necessary to make the dish.

    Again, check with your server or even management to find out if your all-time fave entree is available - even though you don't see it listed on the menu.

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    Onion Strings Appetizer

    Red Lobster occasionally includes onion strings on some entrees, usually as a topping. Ever tried one? Delish! If you're a big fan, ask your server if you can get an onion strings appetizer. This is definitely not on the restaurant's menu - so if you score, you score big. And if you really want to experience nirvana, ask for a dipping side of peach bourbon barbecue sauce!