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'Red State' movie quotes represent the very best lines from the 2011 Kevin Smith movie that tells the tale of a religious fundamentalist cult (and the government agents that want to shut it down). Some of these quotes are from the cult's leader, Pastor Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) and others are from Joseph Keenan (John Goodman), the agent in charge of taking the cult out. Have you seen 'Red State' yet? If so, feel free to add your favorite movie quotes to this list.

Kevin Smith has described 'Red State' as a mashup of different genres: Horror, action, thriller, indicating he wanted to make "a Quentin Tarantino movie by way of the Coen brothers." Does he succeed? Critics reactions to 'Red State' are decidedly mixed, but there's no denying that Smith's indie movie has generated serious buzz. If you haven't seen it, the 'Red State' DVD was set for release on October 18, 2011.

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Killing My Family

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Cheyenne: "They're going to kill my family."
Jarod: "Good!"
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Common Sense

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ASAC Brooks: "How much you think a cross like that costs?"
Joseph Keenan: "You mean in dollars or common sense?"

Keenan and Brooks think they've got a standard standoff thing going. This is about to get really ugly.
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Joseph Keenan: "People just do the strangest things when they believe they're entitled. But they do even stranger things when they just plain believe."

ATF Agent Keenan makes an astute observation about the cult mentality. And these people definitely believe.

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Joseph Keenan: "Come out with your hands up and you will not be harmed. Repeat: You will not be harmed."
ASAC Brooks: "I think it's the use of the word 'repeat' that makes this work every time."

'Red State' is definitely NOT a comedy, but some of these quotes are indeed pretty funny (especially the interaction between John Goodman's character and Kevin Pollack's character).
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