Men Reveal The Most Romantic Thing A Woman Has Ever Done For Them

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These girlfriends sure know how to make their boyfriends swoon.

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    A Dream Come True

    From Redditor u/SolomonKhalifa:

    I've always had a passion for astronomy and it had been a childhood dream of mine to see the CERN supercolider in Switzerland. My gf not being much scientific herself didn't understand the beauty of such technology (she's an English teacher), started to cut back on expenditure on things she liked for a couple of months. I occasionally offered some financial support but she always kissed me saying there's nothing to worry about and so like any partner I worried my a** off. Some months passed it was nearing my birthday. I hadn't seen my gf all day as she went to work yet she arrived late. She came up to me with an envelope and simply sat besides me anticipating my reaction.

    I slipped out 2 tickets to my childhood dream into my hands as well as cried like a child in her warm embrace. I'm smiling so much typing this!

    But she, without even leaving any hints, sacrificed so many months of comfort just to fulfill a dream of mine. She ,now my wife, and I currently live in Switzerland just a couple hours drive away from the facility!

    I'm currently trying to assemble an elegant trip abroad just for her to the Maldives after this whole lockdown eases.

    I've never loved someone so much

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    After All The Terrible Things...

    From Redditor u/ApophisRises:

    Oh, I have one for this. Story time.

    My 22nd birthday celebration with my fiance, and the day I knew i'd marry her. My fiance and I had been dating for around a year at thar point.

    I worked at a slaughterhouse a while back, and my depression was acting up something fierce. Suicidal thoughts and the desire to run away was really strong.

    The work environment was incredibly toxic, and while I made good money, it was the middle of winter, and it was cold inside and out.

    The day started by waking up at 3 AM, and running outside to catch my ride. I get to work, and I forgot to charge my phone battery. S***ty thing #1.

    S***ty thing #2. People had just quit, so we were understaffed, meaning I had two separate carving stations I had to work at for a total of 10-12 houra straight(time of year where we had to work two whole work weeks for 10-12 hours each day).

    S***ty thing #3: My knives were almost spent, and I couldn't get new ones, so I was incapable of keeping up with the line.

    S***ty thing# 4: My roommate(who also worked there) decided that that day was the day that he was going to bail on the rent bill and dump the whole thing and all utilities on me with a week until rent was due.

    S***ty thing #5: I lost my newest knife when it slipped from my hand when I threw the fat onto the conveyor belt, meaning it got grinded and I lost 35 bucks.

    S***ty thing #6: On my way to try and save the knife, my meathook got knocked and fell onto another belt, meaning it got dragged all the way across the room. I fail to save the knife, I come back to my stations to find my meathook gone. No one in my area speaks english, so I can't ask for help with my

    S***ty thing #7: knife gone, have to walk all the way across the massive room to the fatbelt to get my hook. Get back and see a mountain of uncut meat, and my only possible helper had gone on a smoke break.

    S***ty thing #8: I get most of the cuts done, only to have my supervisor say I can't take my break I'd been working since 5 AM at this poin, it being around 10 at the time. I'm behind, no big deal, but it still drove it home that the world's a cruel mistress.

    S***ty thing #9: It's a pizza day, but by the time I can get there for lunch break, people have taken entire pizza's with the intention of bringing them home, so no pizza for me. I didn't bring a lunch because it was a pizza day.

    S***ty thing #10: My roommate tries to cheer me up by bringing me to a restaurant for my birthday after the day ends, but fails to mention that I'd be paying. I ordered a burger and a chocolate shake. They bring me the wrong burger and a strawberry shake.

    Here's where things got better. My fiance (then GF) calls me over after I got home (she lived across the street), and told me to come over, she had a surprise for me.

    I show up, and she lets me into the building, takes my hand, and pulls me upstairs. She's not talking or suoer energetic. She knows I'm hungry and burnt out. She opens the door to her apartment, and there's a fort made of blankets and pillows on the floor, a few christmas lights hanging from the ceiling, a double fudge cake on the makeshift table, a couple cooked frozen pizza's already cut, and bob's burgers playing on her laptop.

    She didn't ask me to talk, she didn't expect anything from me. She just wanted me to be comfortable. I fell asleep there and she let me sleep. She woke me up the next day with hashbrowns and pancakes, and told me she loved me. It was the simplest gift ever, but it made the entire nightmarish day feel like a bad dream. It was the most romantic thing to me, and it was that day I knew I would propose to her.

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    A Surprise Visit

    From Redditor u/Dargonite913:

    My girlfriend (now wife) spent 7 hours using public transportation to surprise me at home. Imagine this coming home from a full 8 hour shift starting at 6 am. Lifting heavy displays/TVs. I come home, my bedroom door is locked. I dead a** think it's my younger brother pulling a prank on me. I knock just wanting to go sit on my computer and watch some videos or play some games. When the door opens to my surprise there is the love of my life standing there telling me to be patient. My eyes tear up from a combination of feelings mostly joy. We hadn't seen each other physically in over a month just Skype. It totally made my day and weekend. Happily Married 5 years.

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    Smooth Move

    From Redditor u/omegaweapon:

    A girl i knew, knew i had a thing for her so she pretended she couldn't find her phone, then asked if someone could call it. I said sure what's your number? We got married a year later and it's been 15 years

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    A Surprise Treat

    From Redditor u/cnacke:

    A woman I was dating worked late on my birthday one year and called to chat on her drive home. She apologized for missing my birthday and promised to make it up the next night. We talked for way longer than her typical drive, but I thought maybe she had gotten home and simply hadn’t told me.

    Instead, she drove across town and was circling my neighborhood (gotta love suburbs where everything looks the same) searching for my house. She eventually found it and surprised me with a pint of ice cream and a balloon.

    We got married two years ago.

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    They're Playing Our Song

    From Redditor u/hapakappaboy:

    My girlfriend remembers every detail of when we first started dating. On a long drive together one of our songs came on and she described the first night we listened to it and when she fell in love with me. She didn’t even finish the story because it just broke me. I was leaking tears and it wouldn’t stop. I rarely get someone who remembers something I did for them and for my gf to tells these back, filled my heart.

    Get a partner who appreciates your efforts.

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