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22 Fascinating Stories From Men Who Proposed And She Said 'No'

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It's not all moonlight and roses. Sometimes your gut stops you from making a huge mistake. Sometimes a marriage proposal is all wrong.

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    It Could Be Worse

    From Redditor u/yathisisafakeone:

    We were dating for a little over a year but I was so sure she was the one. I drove 2 hours to see her at her college and went on a beautiful winter night walk and proposed. She looks me right in the eyes and said, “Oh you thought this was serious? Well um I don’t know how to say this other than I have been seeing other people. Well actually I have been seeing other women.” I was stunned I got up put the ring in my pocket and walked to my car got in and drove away never looking back crying the whole time. Haven’t seen or spoken with her in 7 years even though she has tried countless times to reach out. Now it’s a story I tell friends who are nervous about asking their significant others to marry them. Reminding them that even if they say no it could be worse

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    Reality Hits Hard

    From Redditor u/shaka_sulu:

    Not sure if this count but I proposed, she said yes, but 1 month before the wedding she took it back. This is what happened immediately with my life.

    I personally lost about $3,000 worth of deposits. My parents and her parents lost about $4000 each on deposits. Me and my parents are working class so it took years for us to financially recovered from this.

    I spent $2,200 on a ring I didn't want. My biggest regret and will say this anyone who listens. The engagement ring chain I bought it from wouldn't take it back. I took it to pawn shops and they'd only offer a few hundred. This engagement ring store, bank on customers who wants the whole ring (stone, band, setting). If you're going to buy a ring JUST BUY THE STONE a gold band, setting you can get a better deal from a local jewelry store. Apparently my gem I bought was sh*t. Most of the cost of the ring was BS.

    Most of my family was from out of state and a lot of people were pissed because they canceled their flight.

    I had to go to the ER. So I didn't leave my room, I couldn't take any calls because everyone was pissed and I didn't want to hear it. I was depressed and just stayed in bed. One day my roommate grabbed me and took me to the ER where the doctor treated me for severe dehydration and an infection.

    What happened when I got over it? I became stronger for it. I didn't propose to anyone until a decade later - honestly there wasn't anyone that I didn't love deeply enough to be in a committed relationship. But when I proposed I was in my thirties our relationship was more mature than my first time I proposed. We're now married for 13 years. SHe's my best friend. When I have good news she the first person I want to tell it too... when I have bad news she's the first person I want to tell it too. I financially recovered as well.

    I learned my lesson about the engagement ring. Only paid $300 for it. She LOVED it and treasures it. After our 10 year miles stone we were doing so well, I told her to pick a wedding ring of any cost. She refused. She still wears that cheap $300 ring and loves it.

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    Unhung Hero

    From Redditor u/ObscureCulturalMeme:

    So this actor, Patrick Moote, proposes to his girlfriend at a basketball game and gets turned down... while on the giant jumbotron. Clip goes on youtube, etc, etc.

    She tells him later that she turned him down because she thinks his d*** is too small. So he travels around the world, documenting what other cultures think about penis size and penis enlargement, and made a movie about it called Unhung Hero. I've never watched it, but the title alone makes me laugh.

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    "That's A Great Idea"

    From Redditor u/grayputer:

    We were living together. I asked, she said "No, I love you but I need to think about it. I don't think I'm ready yet. Can you give me some time and ask later?". A few months go by, I ask again, same response. A few more months, same deal. A couple more weeks and then she says "hey, what do you think of us getting married?". I replied: That's an excellent idea, why didn't I think of that?

    Our 39th anniversary is next month.

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