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People Are Sharing The Most Embarrassing Moments In Their Life That Will Haunt Them Forever

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This AskReddit didn't hold back. Here's some of the most viscerally embarrasing moments that people went through (and lived to tell the tale).

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    That's Not How Family Bonding Works

    From Redditor u/Dawn-of-the-Ginger:

    When I was 13, I got my first bikini swimsuit. The top didn't have a strap on the neck or anything but just stretched across my chest. I went swimming one day with my cousins while on vacation at my grandmother's house. I swam all day long and the bikini stayed in place just as it should. We packed up and I threw on a T-shirt over my swimsuit for the ride home. Grandma did not go swimming with us and was at home eating popcorn at her table when we came in. There were uncles, aunts, and older cousins at the table with her. When she saw me in my T-shirt she jokingly asked if that was all I was wearing. I said nope and proudly pulled my T-shirt over my entire chest to show her I had on a swimsuit. I watched as her face changed to shock and she choked on her popcorn. I looked down and what do you know, my freaking top had slid beneath my boobs, exposing them and making them stick sort of straight out because the top was right under them. Everyone at the table just died laughing all with red faces, putting their heads down and pounding the table howling with laughter. So yeah, I flashed my grandma and some relatives with my boobs.

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    Don't Push Yourself Too Hard

    From Redditor u/m3rc4d3r:

    Went to the urinal to take a piss before a c-level meeting and tried to squeeze out a fart and s*** myself. I had to clean up in a stall and call in sick from the bathroom. I exited the building out a back fire exit.

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    What Was The Point

    From Redditor u/Purrrple_Pepper:

    I was starting out as a teacher in this English course and one day I had bad diarrhea in the short break between two classes. All of my colleagues were gathered in the teacher’s room, waiting for the next class to start. I entered the bathroom connected to the room to relieve myself. As I was finished, I was embarrassed of opening the door to the room and let everybody smell the reminiscent odor. So I had the brilliant idea of opening the glass window of the bathroom, to let the wind circulate a little before opening the door. The window was stuck and as I forced it, it fell, breaking in a million pieces on the floor. Everybody heard the noise and knocked on the door. I had to open it. They not only smelled the horrible diarrhea but also figured out my attempt to open the window to get rid of it. It was so humiliating.

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    From Redditor u/GeloraXO:

    My middle school did a program where a bunch of Japanese students came to visit our school for a couple weeks. I was assigned as a buddy to show someone around and stuff, and at the end of their visit here, they all took a trip to NYC. Only a few of the American students came along, but I was among them. The Japanese teachers wanted to be inclusive, so they took the mic that the bus driver uses to make announcements and kind of awkwardly interviewed each of us in broken English, though the students didn't seem all that interested. When it was my turn, I got the typical "What do you like to do?" which I tried to shut down quickly with a simple "Oh I'm in choir, I like to sing sometimes."

    "Oh, why don't you sing for us?"

    And suddenly, the mic is in my hand.

    I really am not one for singing solos, especially in front of a BUS FULL of students who probably don't know what the f*** is going on. I guess the teacher picked up on this, so she encouraged me to sing a Christmas song, because those are the only songs that the kids would be able to sing along to in English. So I'm thinking, okay, it won't be too bad if they all join in right? So I start.

    "Rudoph the red-nosed reindeer—"


    I painfully sing the ENTIRE SONG, acapella, completely solo, all eyes on me. Finally, the pain ends, and I crumble into my seat as awkward polite applause ensues. But this wasn't enough for the teacher. She wanted this to be a participatory event. And she didn't care who had to suffer in order to make that happen. So what does she do?

    "Okay, try again, but this time everyone sing along!"

    I pray for it to be a dream, but somehow, the mic is in my hand yet again, her expecting eyes upon me. At this point, all dignity is lost so I figure why not. Again, I start the song. And again, I sing it completely alone.

    F*** my life.

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