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27 People Share The Most Awkward Moments They Ever Witnessed At Weddings

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Weddings are meant to be a happy celebration of two people in love. Sometimes it doesn't always go so well though.

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    It Is Not Your Day

    From Redditor u/oceansidedrive:

    At my friends wedding they asked her cousin(or her cousin insisted) to sing for their first dance. She is a professional singer and does have a great voice. It started out fine and dandy. Couple was dancing, cousin was behind them singing, and then she got off stage and started walking in front of them dancing. She literally stood in front if them with arms out belting her song like she was Celine Dion in Vegas. During their FIRST dance. She completely tried to upstage them and it was an incredibly cringe worthy experience to watch her cousin try to make a show out of her own performance rather than letting the bride and groom have the attention. She is in every photo of their first dance because she wouldn't stop standing in front of them. It was like out of a comedy movie. Collectively you could FEEL everyone in the room thinking WTF is going on lol.

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    It Couldn't Possibly Get Worse

    From Redditor u/HibiscusRosa:

    True story, I wish I could provide proof because it is hard to believe.

    A cousin of mine was getting married, his wife is a nurse so there were many doctors at the wedding. It was a huge wedding over 300 people, some of them very old uncles and aunts that hadn't had alcohol for years.

    An uncle aged 75+ had too much alcohol and passed out at the wedding table. All the doctors of the wedding gathered around and were trying to get him up, but he had a suction and he died. The ambulance came declared him dead took him and his close family members left.

    Even after that the party continued awkwardly, it was too early to end it. After 20 minutes another very old uncle that probably ate too much had heart attack. Again the doctors did CPR on him and were fighting to keep him alive until the ambulance arrived. His daughter aged around 55-60 saw her father like that and passed out and hit the stairs with her head and started bleeding.

    Half of the doctors now went to check on her, even the doctors were shocked after all these incidents.

    Eventually the daughter had a concussion and lived while her father died in the hospital. Of course the wedding stopped.

    Let me say it again at wedding with OVER 7 DOCTORS and many NURSES 2 people DIED and 1 had a severe CONCUSSION.

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    What Exactly Was Going On?

    From Redditor u/JuicyTaco69:

    One of my distant relative got married couple of years ago, the ceremony went normal as the bride and groom walked through the aisle and everything was fine. Couple of minutes later we heard the wedding entrance song playing again, everyone was so confused. We turned our heads to see the grooms niece walking towards him wearing a bridal dress and carrying a bridal bouquet! Yeah i know!!! The groom walked towards his niece and held her hand as he walked with her to his wife. It didn’t go well after that as the brides family got really angry and started a huge fight. Both groom and the niece got their butts kicked. It was soooo weird and awkward, i felt really bad for the bride.

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    Someone Needed More Attention

    From Redditor u/dontsayaword2:

    My maid of honour took the mic from the DJ and “did an unprompted speech” talking about how she got married months before and talked mostly about herself. Someone said “wtf” out loud. We don’t talk anymore.

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