People Are Sharing The Most Extreme Things They’ve Done To Win An Argument

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When you know you're right but a simple "I told you so" isn't gonna cut it. These folks took it to the next level and proved their point beyond a doubt. 

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    Blue Blooded

    From Redditor u/StrawberryR:

    Not me, but my high school Chemistry teacher. He had been arguing for days that "blue blood" isn't actually blue, that's just how your veins look through your skin because the blood is deoxygenated. Our class clown David, however, persisted. Blue blood is blue.

    So one day Mr. N went into the science supply closet and came back out with a vacuum and a syringe, pulled up his sleeve and drew blood in front of the whole class into a vacuum to prove that your blue blood is, in fact, just dark red.

    David never said it was blue again.

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    Literally Gave Her The Runaround

    From Redditor u/Bozzaholic:

    I was driving back from London with the wife and we were on the M25 (For those that don't know, the M25 is a large motorway that goes around the perimeter of London... Like a giant roundabout with London in the middle) but my wife thought we were on the A12 heading towards Essex so as we're driving along she sees me signaling to go in to the lane signposted for Chelmsford (we needed to go that way as we live in Essex) and she said "Why are you coming off at Chelmsford", I explained that if we didn't we'd be miles away from home, she argued with me and refused to believe we were on the M25 so I stayed on it.

    Note - It was 7pm, we had spent the day shopping and I had a car full of ikea furniture in the back.

    We're driving along and suddenly she starts seeing signposts for Watford. She's like "Why are there signposts for Watford, that's in Hertfordshire, that's miles from home"

    I was like well, you wouldn't let me come off at Chelmsford so we're now going to have to go right around the M25 to get back home... She started effing and effing but apologized so I turned off at Harlow which is in between Chelmsford & Watford... I was probably a 30 mile detour but it was worth it.

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    Toupee, Touche

    From Redditor u/whereegosdare84:

    Not me but a high school friend on thanksgiving got into an argument with his Uncle of a polar opposite political vantage point.

    Started as just shouting and nothing really to write home about, but it began escalating to the point where he called my friend just an “idealistic kid who doesn’t know s*** about the real world” which prompted my friend to yell “real funny coming from a man with fake hair!!”

    Room goes silent and his uncle is fuming. He rips off his toupee and throws it against the wall.

    Then proceeds to scream “YOU HAPPY NOW???” before continuing the argument.

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    Prison Geography Lesson

    From Redditor u/passionparry:

    In prison me and my cell mate watched the film Pompeii and he said Pompeii was on an island when I knew for a fact it wasn't. Next day I went into the prison guards office and could smell cigarette smoke on the prison guard (smoking had just been banned, no one was allowed to smoke in the prison, not even guards) so I said if you print me off a map of where Pompeii is I won't tell anyone about you smoking. He printed it, I showed it to me cell mate, I was right, victory! Yep, I actually blackmailed a prison guard to win a petty argument.

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