People Are Sharing The Most Extreme Things They’ve Done To Win An Argument 

Amalia Halpin
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When you know you're right but a simple "I told you so" isn't gonna cut it. These folks took it to the next level and proved their point beyond a doubt. 

Our Condolences

From Redditor u/Quaintgraphics:

I made a post on Facebook that my sister didn’t like. She’s in her 50’s. She made fun of me in a comment on the post so I commented back that she doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about. My sister does not like to be told off. She thinks she is better than everyone and that no one has a right to speak to her if they disagree. She is against gays and she says all Black people are prejudice against white people because they are jealous. I put up with a lot of stupid ideas just to have her in my life. Well once I commented back to her on my Facebook page, she lost it. Sent me a nasty message then put me on block. I have a few pages on Facebook for other things and she went to all those pages and told me off as well. So I told Facebook she was dead. They memorialized her account within 24 hours and she could no longer sign in.

Insane way to win an argument?
Got Milk?

From Redditor u/Saltinmylattee:

Not me but my granddad. He found out this boy I had been seeing decided to dump me after i had a miscarriage.

Well, granddad knew he worked at this gas station as a cashier/slash janitor. Granddad proceeded to go into said gas station, buy two things of milk, complement the store manager on how clean it was and asks to speak to whoever, and I quote, " mopped these fine floors."

Manager gets ex boyfriend. Once granddad saw him he waved, and then proceeded to pour the milk onto the floor. Told ex " Im not gonna get an assault charge for what you did to my grandbaby, but i can make your day a little more inconvenient each time i see you. "

Granddad obviously wasn't allowed back into said store anymore but he was old and did the pettiest thing that came to his mind at the time.

Insane way to win an argument?
Pucker Up

From Redditor u/Goblinsridingfrogs:

Not me, but a friend of mine.

My friend 24M is an absolute angel. He is straight (important later) and pretty much just looks like a teddy bear. No threatening aura whatsoever.

Now to my story. Getting drunk in bad sides of the town is one of our not so smart past time activities. Usually nothing ever happens, we're all kinda friendly with each other but this night some other guys were in front of our favorite bar as well. We didn't know them, it was fine. You still make some conversation...just that my friend sometimes tends to forget that not everybody is cool with certain jokes. I honestly don't even remember what he said to that over 6ft tall dude with a biker jacket and grizzly beard, he was probably just joke flirting as he always did. And that dude didn't like that. At all.

He slurred something about being careful with what my friend is saying and in the next second he already grabbed him by the collar. And my friend kissed him. Yeah, he literally just gave that angry maybe homophobic dude a peck on the lips and looked at him like a puppy awaiting a snack. None of us knew how to react. We just kinda stared and I guess I was sure we'd have to get my friend to a hospital in the next few minutes...but alas, big burly dude let go of him, looking confused. And just left.

It was the weirdest s*** I ever watched.

Insane way to win an argument?
Blue Blooded

From Redditor u/StrawberryR:

Not me, but my high school Chemistry teacher. He had been arguing for days that "blue blood" isn't actually blue, that's just how your veins look through your skin because the blood is deoxygenated. Our class clown David, however, persisted. Blue blood is blue.

So one day Mr. N went into the science supply closet and came back out with a vacuum and a syringe, pulled up his sleeve and drew blood in front of the whole class into a vacuum to prove that your blue blood is, in fact, just dark red.

David never said it was blue again.

Insane way to win an argument?