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People Are Sharing The Craziest Reasons They Ever Had To Fire Someone

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Some things are against company policy but some things should just be common sense.

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    It's All On Camera

    From Redditor u/YDAQ:

    Hoo boy...

    I'd have to go with the guy who in the span of 24 hours...

    Started a fist fight with another employee (on camera, with witnesses) then called the police and said the other guy did it, trying to press charges. I just sent the video.

    Trespassed on the property the following day and slurred at my boss (on camera, with witnesses), then called the police and said my boss did it. I just sent the video.

    Hurt himself somehow and went to the hospital, where he told the doctor he'd been attacked at work. Doc found no injury consistent with his story and well yeah, camera...

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    Don't Steal From Your Boss

    From Redditor u/WilhelmWrobel:

    Not me but my dad. He has a small handyman company with less than a hand full of employees. His tools somehow have the habit of growing legs when he's at construction sites so he rigorously writes his name on everything with permanent marker.

    One day, shortly after he hired someone new, his folding ruler is missing. He asks around if anyone has seen his folding ruler but that doesn't seem to be the case. He doesn't think much of it, sometimes things get lost.

    The next day he sees the new hire with a familiar looking folding ruler. He asks him to see it. New hire refuses. Dad tells him that he's his boss and insists he shows him the ruler. He complies under pressure. Sure enough, there's my dad's name on it in capital and bold letters.

    Now that could've been an honest mistake and there probably wouldn't have been any repercussions if he simply said "Oh, my bad. Must've put the wrong one in my pocket. Here's you're ruler" ... But the new hire insisted that this was his ruler and that the name on the side of it wasn't my dad's handwriting but rather a note the new hire had written on it himself to remember my dad's name.

    What makes it even more stupid is that my dad's company pays for the tools of his employees. He could've simply asked for a folding ruler and my dad would've given him one for free but, no, he needs to steal the bosses folding ruler and give the stupidest lie imaginable as an excuse.

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    What Is Milk?

    From Redditor u/carbusinesslady234:

    My coworker at a coffee shop.

    Told a customer she didn't feel like making x drink and she should go elsewhere.

    Wore cookie monster PJ pants while we had a very strict "black or khaki pants, no jeans, no leggings" policy at the time.

    couldn't figure out the concept of milk?? This still baffles me to this day. Like I was trying to show her how to steam milk properly, she was off in la la land and when she snapped back into the conversation asking, "What are we doing again" followed by me reminding her and she quite literally asked what was in the gallon jug that I poured into the metal pitcher. I told her it was milk and she just looked at me, her eyes saying, '???!??!!?"

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    It's Just So HOT In Here

    From Redditor u/speecyspicymeatball:

    I'm training a new girl. We're sitting at a computer together. The whole time I'm training her, she's scanning the perimeter around her. She's asking about this guy. Is he single? What about that guy? She's paying very little to no attention to what I'm telling her about, you know, the JOB. She's not even looking at what I'm doing as I'm demonstrating the work to her. She's rubbernecking every male who walks past.

    At first I was nice. Ok did you see what I just did there? Now when this happens, we do that.
    Etc etc. Her eyes were glazed over, she wasn't absorbing anything, I could tell.

    Nice wasn't working. After a time, I said to her very sharply, "Are you here to work, or are you here looking for a boyfriend? Because if you're not here to work, I'm going to need to find someone else for this job (I had hiring authority)".

    That snapped her into reality for about 15 minutes. I finally said it's break time. She smiled and said, "I'm going to go up to the 4th floor and see if there's any fresh meat up there."

    After break time, I sent her into the fax room to collect some faxes I needed. The mail guy was in there changing rolls of fax paper. He came out of the mail room and said I think there's something wrong with your new girl. He was very nervous. I said what happened.

    Apparently she was in the fax room which tended to get hot because of all the machines in there. She had perched herself up on the edge of the table, hiked her dress up to where her underwear was showing, arched her back, unbuttoned the front of her dress, and fanned herself with the sheaf of fax pages and said, "Oh, it's just here." Yeah. Like that. Like the opening of a p*rno.

    I totally believed him. I believed she did that. 100%, she totally did that.

    I called her temp agency and said she's not working out. I think this was under 2 hours.

    I have stories about temps for days lol.

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    Trapped In The Closet

    From Redditor u/bunnyb2004:

    Had to fire a guy for coming to work high on meth and getting lost in a closet while painting it. Asked what the deal was and was told"shhhh I am having a conversation". That was his last day lmao

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    Stealing Will Get You Fired

    From Redditor u/USPSA-Addict:

    Dummy stole a $100 bill out of the register at the end of his FIRST shift alone on register.

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