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People Are Sharing The Stupidest Reasons They Ever Got In Trouble At School

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Maybe the teacher was just having a rough day, or maybe teachers don't always know best. Nevertheless, some of these punishments sound uncalled for. 

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    Breathing Is Distracting

    From Redditor u/mbhghghhhh:

    For using my asthma medication in class. I was told to keep my inhaler in the office, and to use it in there only. I was told it was 'distracting.'

    Know what else is distracting? The sounds of someone gasping for air and having to be removed from class.

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    Look Deep Into My Eyes

    From Redditor u/modestlymousie:

    For not looking at the teacher during lesson. I wasn't fidgeting. Just sitting at my desk, staring into space.

    We had a payment system in 3rd grade where you'd get dollars for good behavior (finishing homework, cleaning up after lunch) and lose them for bad behavior. At the end of each quarter we'd get to use the dollars to buy sh*t at the book fair. Every kid wanted to stock up.

    Now each task would get you between 1 to 2 dollars. Each day you could only get like 3 max.

    She charged me TWENTY DOLLARS. It was literally heartbreaking and took me a full month to recover.

    Turns out I had focal epilepsy and was having episodes in class. Got treated like a s***ty kid for it all through highschool.

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    How Dare You Get Punched In The Face

    From a Redditor:

    For “fighting.” The school a**hole sucker punched me and I didn’t retaliate. It was even caught on tape. The zero tolerance policy is one of the stupidest things ever.

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    It's A Normal Thing To Do

    From Redditor u/alfalfarees:

    Clearing my throat before reading out loud to the class. She yelled at me and threatened detention because she thought I was faking it for attention but I don’t see how.

    Also more context I was a quiet kid so I wasn’t one to create drama to begin with, it just made me not want to talk more than I already didn’t want to

    Edit: bruh this blew up a lot. shout all to all my quiet and awkwardly shy homies out there who feel the pain of being reprimanded for the rare times we actually do talk.

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