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People Are Sharing The Stupidest Reasons They Ever Got In Trouble At School

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Maybe the teacher was just having a rough day, or maybe teachers don't always know best. Nevertheless, some of these punishments sound uncalled for. 

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    A Four Hour Time Out?

    From Redditor u/DXGamma:

    In seventh grade English class, a classmate looked pretty sad so I asked her how she was doing. No malicious intent, just wondering what was making her so upset but she started sobbing. I apologized and moved on. Later that day, I get pulled from a different class by a math teacher that I've never met before who yelled at me in the hallway making snide remarks about my parents and their parenting capacity. She made me sit in front of the principal's office to "wait for the principal to talk to me" for four hours, long after the school day has ended. When the principal finally did show up, he had no idea why I was sitting there. Middle school me was too shy to make a fuss about it but in hindsight I should've made a complaint against her. To this day, the girl that I supposedly "bullied" has no idea why the math teacher flipped out at me.

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    The Answer Is... Milk, Eggs, And Bread

    From Redditor u/ultimateredditrabbit:

    I got in trouble for "cheating" on one of my math exams. The teacher found a piece of paper in my pencil case. I got sent to the principal's office. When the principal asked me about what I wanted to say in my defense, I simply told him to take a look at the note. It turned out to be a shopping list. I was allowed to re-take the exam the following week.

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    He's A Full Blown Doctor, Dude

    From Redditor u/Macabalony:

    Grad school. As in. Full grown adult. One of my patients was a chill guy. We had one of those relaxed relationships. He would fist bump me after treatment was completed. The dean of academic affairs did not like that. Got a 45 minute lecture on doctor patient relationship and how dare I violate that trust with a fist bump.

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    How Dare You Get Punched In The Face

    From a Redditor:

    For “fighting.” The school a**hole sucker punched me and I didn’t retaliate. It was even caught on tape. The zero tolerance policy is one of the stupidest things ever.

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