People Are Sharing The Stupidest Reasons They Ever Got In Trouble At School
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People Are Sharing The Stupidest Reasons They Ever Got In Trouble At School

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Maybe the teacher was just having a rough day, or maybe teachers don't always know best. Nevertheless, some of these punishments sound uncalled for. 

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    How Dare You Get Punched In The Face

    From a Redditor:

    For “fighting.” The school a**hole sucker punched me and I didn’t retaliate. It was even caught on tape. The zero tolerance policy is one of the stupidest things ever.

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    It Was An Accident Ms. Helm

    From Redditor u/Isthisinfectious:

    I tripped on a loose tile and bumped into a teacher causing her to spill her coffee on herself. I apologized and showed her the tile.

    She went on for months about how I did it on purpose. Even got the principal and my folks involved. For the rest of the year she told me I couldn't come back to her class unless I apologized for doing it on purpose.

    Never went back to her class. Though I initially apologized for the incident, I never once apologized for doing it "on purpose". F*** you Ms. Helm.

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    The Answer Is... Milk, Eggs, And Bread

    From Redditor u/ultimateredditrabbit:

    I got in trouble for "cheating" on one of my math exams. The teacher found a piece of paper in my pencil case. I got sent to the principal's office. When the principal asked me about what I wanted to say in my defense, I simply told him to take a look at the note. It turned out to be a shopping list. I was allowed to re-take the exam the following week.

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    It's A Normal Thing To Do

    From Redditor u/alfalfarees:

    Clearing my throat before reading out loud to the class. She yelled at me and threatened detention because she thought I was faking it for attention but I don’t see how.

    Also more context I was a quiet kid so I wasn’t one to create drama to begin with, it just made me not want to talk more than I already didn’t want to

    Edit: bruh this blew up a lot. shout all to all my quiet and awkwardly shy homies out there who feel the pain of being reprimanded for the rare times we actually do talk.

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    Breathing Is Distracting

    From Redditor u/mbhghghhhh:

    For using my asthma medication in class. I was told to keep my inhaler in the office, and to use it in there only. I was told it was 'distracting.'

    Know what else is distracting? The sounds of someone gasping for air and having to be removed from class.

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    He's A Full Blown Doctor, Dude

    From Redditor u/Macabalony:

    Grad school. As in. Full grown adult. One of my patients was a chill guy. We had one of those relaxed relationships. He would fist bump me after treatment was completed. The dean of academic affairs did not like that. Got a 45 minute lecture on doctor patient relationship and how dare I violate that trust with a fist bump.

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