People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Reasons They've Ever Been Dumped

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Just one step above "ghosting" is the still equally frustrating "[insert stupid reason here] breakup."

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    You're Just Regular

    From Redditor u/raider34:

    College GF’s Dad won 1 million dollars in the state lottery over winter break. Broke up with me over the phone, telling me “now that I’m rich, I can’t afford to date regular people like you. That’s really the only thing wrong, you’re just regular.”

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    It's Just Not Ladylike

    From Redditor u/highpockets1925:

    Actually had a guy dump me because I'm a carpenter, and according to him, it's just not lady like

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    A Risky Gamble

    From Redditor u/hotidit:

    "I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you. We have to break up, if it's really meant to be then we will end up together again like they do in the movies."

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    It's Not You, It's Your Car

    From Redditor u/lintrules:

    I got dumped because the headlights on my car didn't come on automatically when I started my car.

    I'm assuming he had other reasons, but this is what I was told. And I love laughing at it!

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    What A Week

    From Redditor u/negativeyoda:

    She met another guy and married him while I was visiting family in California... For 6 days

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    Blame Voodoo

    From Redditor u/rosiedoes:

    She thought I killed her horse (it wasn't actually her horse) with voodoo (it hung itself) because I was jealous (it was a horse.)

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