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People Share Wild Stories Of When They Saw Nice People Finally Snap

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It's important for everyone to know that you can only push a nice person so far before they finally snap

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    You Call N

    From Redditor u/CHOGO_CHOGO:

    So this story is from the time I was in high school. 2 years ago to be exact.

    Our group had this guy (we'll call him N) he was pretty popular and every one liked him.

    He was the perfect blend of Jock and Nerd

    You want to break up a fight? you call N.

    You want someone to play the piano for your musical? you call N.

    You want help with mathematics or physics? you call N.

    You want a midfielder for the football(soccer) team? you call N.

    You want to talk to someone? you call N!

    So we were in the mess when a guy (let's call him A) started teasing our friend (P) because how fat and ugly she was. A and his friends were laughing passing comments all around. N told P to "ignore the bs". Then A and his friends started throwing paper bits and food at us, N told A to quit it. A didn't listen and told P that her father left because he could't stand how ugly she was.

    This was pretty much the last straw.

    N got up grabbed A and threw him against the wall, like a bag. A's friends got up and N punched both of them in the face and one of them ended up with a bloody nose. N went back A and laid it to him at least 10 to the face. It was at this time that me and my friends could separate them.

    A ended up with a 1 week suspension and two broken teeth.

    N also got a 1 week suspension but his mother told us she is proud of him when she invited all of us for dinner. She even told P that she will be going to the school with P's mom to talk to the principal about this matter.

    All in all N and his family are the most wholesome people I've ever met.

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    Stand Up For Yourself Like Rachel

    From Redditor u/el_monstruo:

    In junior high there was this girl named Rachel. Quiet but popular, never messed with anybody, never said an ill thing about another person. One day she was leaving art class and accidentally bumped into another girl. The other girl took offense to this and just started fighting with Rachel. Rachel wasn't f***ing playing that day.

    Rachel took those first few blows and kept taking a few more until she beat the ever loving sh*t out of the other girl. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! The girl Rachel was fighting had a twin and all of a sudden you hear "NOT MY F**KING SISTER B****!" and she starts wailing Rachel in the back of the head. Big mistake. Rachel basically has Sister 1 in submission and turns around and gives Sister 2 the same treatment her sibling just received. The quiet, nice girl just took on twins and beat their f**king asses...well! It was the most glorious thing I saw in junior high school. lol I hate seeing people get jumped, or in this situation try to jump somebody so this was justice. I wish we had cell phones back then.

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    A Chicken Friend Beat Down

    From Redditor u/sabb*tch:

    My brother was a sweet kid (emphasis on sweet) in elementary school. This was early 2000s he was probably 8? At the time. Anyway he did wresting and baseball to pass time but generally was a pretty average kid. He was smart and had a good amount of friends from the sports he played. Nothing special.

    Though there was one kid who bullied him a lot. For no reason really. The bully’s name was Garrett but they would call my brother names and hide pencils/pens to get him yelled at in class. Well one day Garrett for some odd reason decided to literally slap my brother in the face with a school lunch. Like a piece of pizza or something. Chicken fried steak maybe? My brother got up, picked him up by his shirt and slammed him to the floor, proceeding to break the kids nose and maxillae (upper jaw below the nose). After that everyone called him Garrett the Ferret because he had to have his mouth wired shut.

    Fast forward a few years and I was being bullied and garrett actually stood up for me. I don’t know if he got his s*** together or was just afraid of someone bullying me knowing how my bother handles things.

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    High School Is A Time For Justice

    From Redditor u/armadillowillow:

    When I was in high school, my group of like 6 friends were sitting at a round table in the cafeteria for breakfast. A table over, some girls had been tossing small chunks of their food in our direction. My one friend (M) wore her hair in an unusual, spiked up style & I guess the girls at the table were trying land food in her hair while cackling to themselves.

    Cue my quiet, sweet, introverted friend (K) getting so angry I swear steam was coming out of her ears. One of the girls had thrown a decent sized piece of her egg patty at us & it landed on the floor near K’s foot. K proceeded to step on the egg patty, pick it up off the ground, walk over to the table of bullies, and shove the egg DIRECTLY INTO THE MOUTH OF THE ONE WHO HAD THROWN IT!

    This was such an amazing moment in my high school memory. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as K was the last person I would’ve expected to do that. Of course she did get in trouble but she didn’t regret it one bit.

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