People Share Wild Stories Of When They Saw Nice People Finally Snap
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People Share Wild Stories Of When They Saw Nice People Finally Snap

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It's important for everyone to know that you can only push a nice person so far before they finally snap

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    For The Love Of Harry Potter

    From Redditor u/Master_J_2003:

    Back in the 6th(?) grade I was in a class with this kid we'll call Hudson, now Hudson was the nicest calmest kid in the entire school and almost never spoke a word.

    Then came along someone who we'll call Will, Will was from a nearby city and since we were all from a small little town he thought of himself as above everyone else. This resulted in him being an overall piece of sh*t to everyone around him whether it be students, EAs or even teachers.

    One day Will decided he wanted to try picking on Hudson who was sat quietly reading a book. Will walked up to him, spat in his face and took his book and proceeded to tear out pages from it.

    Now, Hudson was a huge bookworm so seeing a book having its pages being torn out by Will must have snapped something because he lets out this unholy shriek and launches himself out of his chair and right onto him. Hudson then proceeds to beat the absolute crap out of him and then just when you thought he was done he grabs the book and begins smacking him with it, I'm talking meaty slaps here these could be heard very clearly.

    After almost a full minute of Hudson beating him with a book a teacher finally returns to the class only to see the quiet kid beating the ever loving sh*t out of the prick with Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows.

    If I remember correctly Will managed to get off with only 3 days suspension and Hudson got at least a full week, when Will came back he had a broken nose and enough bruises to make him look like a human grape if you looked at him right.

    Needless to say Will didn't mess with anyone after that.

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    A Chicken Friend Beat Down

    From Redditor u/sabb*tch:

    My brother was a sweet kid (emphasis on sweet) in elementary school. This was early 2000s he was probably 8? At the time. Anyway he did wresting and baseball to pass time but generally was a pretty average kid. He was smart and had a good amount of friends from the sports he played. Nothing special.

    Though there was one kid who bullied him a lot. For no reason really. The bully’s name was Garrett but they would call my brother names and hide pencils/pens to get him yelled at in class. Well one day Garrett for some odd reason decided to literally slap my brother in the face with a school lunch. Like a piece of pizza or something. Chicken fried steak maybe? My brother got up, picked him up by his shirt and slammed him to the floor, proceeding to break the kids nose and maxillae (upper jaw below the nose). After that everyone called him Garrett the Ferret because he had to have his mouth wired shut.

    Fast forward a few years and I was being bullied and garrett actually stood up for me. I don’t know if he got his s*** together or was just afraid of someone bullying me knowing how my bother handles things.

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    Way To Go, Steve

    From Redditor u/ComprehensiveMelon:

    I'm a journalist and as in every daily newspaper, the office is one constant noisy brawl, papers flying about, editors yelling at each other, chief editors yelling at editors etc etc. So in comes Steve. Steve is a god-driven dude, really quiet and introvert, he's been working as a page designer for over a decade, he never swears, he never shouts, he never even shows a sign of discomfort. Anyhoo on a very stressful day, with half an hour to go until print and half our systems non-operational, there are approximately 7 people over Steve telling him what to do simultaneously, including the editor in chief and the chief executive of the journal. Around them there are about 40 more people preparing for next day's edition, with all the yelling and shouting I mentioned before.

    Steve stops. Steve kindly removes his glasses. Steve pushes slowly his keyboard out of the way and climbs on the desk. Steve releases a primeval cry to get everyone's attention and goes: "HBGUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. EITHER YOU ALL SHUT THE F*** UP RIGHT NOW OR I'M GONNA BE REMOVING THE S*** OUT OF YOUR ASSES WITH MY D*** UNTIL SUNRISE".

    Noone talked after that, noone laughed at Steve, and a few people even forgot to breathe for a few seconds from the shock.

    We've called him Bad Motherf***er Steve ever since, even got him the same wallet as Sam L. Jackson has in Pulp Fiction.

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    Stand Up For Yourself Like Rachel

    From Redditor u/el_monstruo:

    In junior high there was this girl named Rachel. Quiet but popular, never messed with anybody, never said an ill thing about another person. One day she was leaving art class and accidentally bumped into another girl. The other girl took offense to this and just started fighting with Rachel. Rachel wasn't f***ing playing that day.

    Rachel took those first few blows and kept taking a few more until she beat the ever loving sh*t out of the other girl. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! The girl Rachel was fighting had a twin and all of a sudden you hear "NOT MY F**KING SISTER B****!" and she starts wailing Rachel in the back of the head. Big mistake. Rachel basically has Sister 1 in submission and turns around and gives Sister 2 the same treatment her sibling just received. The quiet, nice girl just took on twins and beat their f**king asses...well! It was the most glorious thing I saw in junior high school. lol I hate seeing people get jumped, or in this situation try to jump somebody so this was justice. I wish we had cell phones back then.

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    Not A Happy Groom

    From Redditor u/Maple-Lady:

    Older brothers wedding. He's a very nice guy, almost too nice. He had a horrible girlfriend. He adored her though. She told him that he wasn't good enough and that she would break up with him unless he bought her this super fancy ring and married her. He did. The wedding was very stressful, and she was extra nasty. After they cut the cake, she got herself a huge slice and left him with none, telling him he should go on a diet. ( For context, he was underweight. He was working his way up to average. ) He snapped. Threw a handful of cake at her pretty dress and hair, then told her to expect divore papers to sign. He proceeded to scream, cry, and rant about how horrible she was and how she made him suicidal.

    He's better now. They split up and live in different continents.

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    Way To Hustle, Bob

    From Redditor u/KindRedPanda:

    One of my middle school friends, whom we’ll call Bob, was about a half foot shorter than everyone else. Everyone was around 5ft. He was an interesting (in a good way) dude. Interested in learning, played video games, was great to hang out with. But he looked scrawny. Didn’t look like he could hurt anything if I’m being honest. For some context to the story, our gym teacher was an a**hole. Gave nicknames, some good, some bad- to everyone. He was always sarcastic. Always berating everyone, speaking down to us instead of encouraging them.

    One day the gym teacher says something about Bob’s mom. Which Bobs mom had fibromyalgia and some other conditions making her weak and unhealthy not by choice. And something In Bob snapped. Bob completely took down this 6.5ft monster gym teacher. Gym teacher looked like he stood no chance at that time. They were quickly pulled apart and Bob got expelled and had to move school while the Gym teacher was fired for fighting a student and being an overall a**hole.

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