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People Reveal The Most Horrifying And Disrespectful Things Guests Have Done In Their Homes  

Nathan Gibson
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Most people consider their home the place they feel the safest and most comfortable. It is a private place where one can just sit back and relax. However, the majority of homeowners invite family and friends over from time to time.

While these get-togethers are generally innocent enough, Reddit users have shared some truly horrifying guest stories that might make you think twice about inviting anyone over to your place ever again.

As Reddit has proven through everything from hotel room horror stories to tales of nightmarish restaurant customers, humans are capable of wrecking absolutely any space they inhabit. However, these tales are even more disturbing since they detail threats to the sanctity of people's own homes.

Trying To Kill The Fish

From Redditor /u/Murky-Purple:

Someone at a party dumped a cup of vodka in my fish tank because "your fish look bored! Hahaha!" I kicked everyone out and had to change out all the water before they died.

An Unruly Partner Ruins A Get-Together

From Redditor /u/chetsnaker:

Lost my friend of 30 years over this: He brings a woman over for a small get-together. She encourages my pregnant wife to drink, asks our friend if she's bisexual (she's not). She comes into the kitchen, grabs knives and pretends to stab everyone while doing knife katas.

Later she chases the not bisexual friend all over the house in... a very predatory [manner] - I physically stop her by grabbing her wrists and say, "What the hell is going on with you?" She replies, "Go ahead, break my wrists."

The not bisexual friend (who was so upset she took a self-defense course) made up an excuse to stay in the bathroom for an hour. We had a fire outside where the weird guest remarked, "There are three things you can watch forever, a river flowing, fire burning, and someone being hurt."

My friend of 30 years saw no problem with any of this behavior, married her, and I've not heard from him in a year nor do I wish to. I saw him in the supermarket with his now pregnant wife - and slipped out. I assume at some point she will murder him.

An Unexpected Dirty Mess On The Carpet

From Redditor /u/Amithrius:

My sister and one of her friends were over. Her friend had brought her kid. He was about 7. We left him watching TV in the living room while we had coffee in the other room. Later that evening, I sat on the couch and smelled something absolutely disgusting. I looked behind the couch (it was one of those curved ones that goes into a corner and leaves a nook behind it) and saw a huge pile of diarrhea. It had already fused with the carpet. I had to cut the entire corner of carpet away while wearing a dust mask sprayed with cologne.

Washing Off Sharpie Doesn’t Always Work

From Redditor /u/HotDishEnthusiast:

Roommate's boyfriend comes over drunk. Roommate was not there but he said he wanted to wait for her, and we were too non-confrontational to make him leave. After a while, he goes into the bathroom and we can hear lots of splashing around, but again, too timid to ask WTF is going on in there. He comes out, sits down, and we notice his arms are completely covered in black marker. Then he says "you might want to clean up the bathroom. there is water all over in there" and leaves.

He had taken a f**king black sharpie, colored his arms, then tried cleaning it off... when it wouldn't come off, he got the marker wet and splashed black sharpie water all over the entire bathroom. There were puddles of sharpie water all over the floor. It stained the linoleum and, despite our roommate's attempts to clean it up, we ended up losing security deposit money over it.

He was no longer allowed over without her there.