Identical Twins Share The Most Embarrassing Moments When People Confused Them For Each Other 

Donn Saylor
Updated February 6, 2019 187.1k views 22 items

Identical twins often share a mysterious connection, but they also face some unique challenges when trying to forge individual identities. Many identical twin stories focus on those moments when one twin is mistaken for another, resulting in significant embarrassment for everyone involved.

These awkward moments are somewhat common, because twins are actually somewhat common. In fact, one in every 30 babies is a twin. Before the 1980s, however, only one in 50 newborns was a twin. Experts attribute the higher numbers to older mothers (it's more common for older moms to have twins) and more widespread use of fertility treatments, which increase the odds of multiple births.

Twins on Reddit have some great accounts of embarrassing situations when they were mistaken for one another. Their tales could be fodder for the next Disney movie.

The Cashier Was Just Trying To Help

From Redditor /u/8979323:

A friend and his wife go to the same supermarket every week. His identical twin also goes there, with his wife.

One day, after summoning up the courage, the cashier pulls my friend's wife aside and says, "I'm sorry to have to tell you this but I've seen your husband here several times with another woman."

He Was A Dirty-Magazine-Stealing Twin

From Redditor /u/LlamaTaboot:

My twin brother had a huge stash of [adult] mags in his closet, and I always wondered where he got the money to buy them.

One night I walked into a nearby convenience store with some friends, and the guy behind the counter threw me out. I had no idea why. When my friends asked, he told them he had caught me stealing [adult] mags the week before.

They Dated Twins And Everyone Got Confused

From Redditor /u/aXiz1432:

So, at one point both my brother and I (twins) dated another pair of identical twins. Whenever we met each other on double dates and stuff, we'd have to spend the first thirty seconds trying to make sure we hadn't all picked the wrong twin. I imagine it was quite a sight to see watching two identical couples walking down the street.

Lovers Get Them Confused

From Redditor /u/britboy1998:

My twin is gay, I'm not. Guys keep walking up to me on the street, hitting on me, and telling me how great I was in bed. I think my twin is a sl*t.