People Share The 'Final Straw' Moments That Made Them Instantly Despise Former Best Friends

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Over on Reddit, people who've been burned by former best friends are sharing their horror stories of the exact moment they realized their friend was actually a fiend. Vote up the horrific moments you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

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    She Used The OP To Illegally Keep Her Baby Daddy At Bay

    From Redditor u/g00d_m4car0n1:

    Long story short, I helped her out when she got out of jail with somewhere to stay, only if she promised to help with rent.

    Three months later, the police came and arrested her only to find out she was using me to keep her baby’s dad from seeing the child after the court gave them split custody.

    NOTE: When she reached out to me about needing a place to stay, I didn’t know they had a custody battle going previously, but I knew they had drama going on in the relationship. She was also the awful person in the relationships, as she was always abusing over-the-counter medication while staying with me and leaving the baby alone at the place when I would go to work so she [could] mess around with other guys (that’s when I called CPS).

    The father was not at all the [bad] person here, I could tell because when they arrested her, he was happy he had his baby back and told me he’s been trying to get ahold of her but [got] no response, and [he] gave me a teary hug.

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    'He Had A Special Relationship With My Wife'

    From Redditor u/DsgrntldVet:

    He lovingly placed a baby in my wife while I was working.

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    Lied To Her Husband To Make OP Look Like A Villain

    From Redditor u/jesiel_br:

    My friend proposed to leave her husband and run away with me because she thought I was into her. When I said no, that I only saw her as a friend, she went back to her husband (who was also my friend) and said that I had manipulated her.

    She said a lot of things. Then I lost both their friendships.

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    He Cheated On His Lovely Wife

    From Redditor u/Sirnando138:

    My best friend cheated on his wife. We were all great friends. I was the best man at their wedding. But when it happened, it sickened me and made me see all the other ways he was manipulating us all. My wife and I are still good friends with the one who was cheated on. I haven’t spoken to him in almost 15 years.

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    'At Least My Family Isn't Poor'

    From Redditor u/Melon-Kolly:

    Had a close friend who had wealthy parents. He knew mine was financially struggling.

    Every time we had a disagreement about something, he would start saying things like, "At least my family is not f*cking poor," as well as insults about not being able to afford certain things.

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    He Had A Complete Lack Of Empathy Towards Animals

    From Redditor u/happyishmaybe:

    Laughed to me about how he was glad his roommate's cat was dead because he hated it.

    Let me explain: The roommate didn't realize the cat had hopped into the washer when he turned it on. As you can imagine, when he went to take out his clothes, he found the cat... not alive anymore.

    He thought it was hilarious and then said, and I quote: "Stupid thing always bugged me, f*ck that cat, got what he deserved. Can't believe it drowned, how funny! Now my dog will be happy."

    To be clear, the cat was rarely allowed out of the room as it was a temporary situation, which I found to not be fair because it literally did not bother the dog at all. [My friend's reaction] was a bit too psycho and lacked to much empathy for me to deal with.

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